Eye on Community 07-30-2010

Greetings Daevas,

We're putting an intense week behind us, but are also getting ready for an exciting weekend. A large part of the rewards for the "Dash of the Daevas" event have now been sent out to all the winners. The only ones remaining are faction-wide rewards that are set to reach you next week. We're also working to get your characters pampered with the sweet free loot from our "Fight on the Right Side" incentive.

Looking forward, there's a weekend full of awesome. Double experience rates and inactive accounts rising from the dead are bound to keep things lively! Don't miss this opportunity to invite past Legion mates and friends to experience everything Aion has to offer, even if they're no longer playing.

If you have a few minutes to spare, make sure to stop by the PowerWiki to catch our new articles on 1.9 Instanced Dungeon Changes, 1.9 Dredgion Changes and the Limited Sales System!

This week's Question of the Week was answered by one of our content writers, Conor Sheehy, who has been involved in bringing the many stories of Aion to the West in full flavor. Enjoy!

Question of the Week

Setsuna from Vaizel asks:

"Will we ever be able to enter the remains of the Tower of Eternity and will the Seraphim/Shedim Lords ever be fully introduced into the game? (ex. quests/ fighting alongside them / campaigns) The NPC's always talk about them on their duties but they just seem flat out absent all together."

In the heat of battle, have you already caught a glimpse of a fighter who may or may not be an Empyrean Lord?

A number of the Empyreans are working on strategy right now. For instance, Lord Kaisinel (Elyos) and Lord Marchutan (Asmodian) have their brains full of plans to defeat each other…and the Balaur Lord Tiamat. These two lords are in Balaurea, doing everything they can to help Daevas hold their territories. Are they working on the Tower of Eternity at the moment? No, but maybe when they're not so busy.

In the upcoming Aion: Assault on Balaurea, you'll get closer to the Empyrean Lords by working with their seconds-in-command. You've gone from hearing the Lords names to talking directly with their seconds. Perhaps you'll meet one someday!

In Other News

Let's have a look at what's been going on in the Aion community.

Blood for Blood
Have you been looking for ways to increase recruitment for your legion? Video can be a useful tool in attracting players and inspiring players of your faction. Morriganeth from Spatolos has created an example to spark your ideas in furthering interest for your Legions and faction.

Special Effects
In the same vein regarding Legion recruitment, Blowfish has produced a spectacular introduction for an Asmodian S-Grade DP Group. Production tools can be used to highlight your group, legion and faction when trying to recruit players.

A Face Only A Mother Could Love
Azeth of Zikel has created a fun thread on creating the Ugliest Character possible. Have a character you think scares Shugo Children?

Adventures of Gertrude
Gertrude of Perento has taken an interesting twist of creating a storyline paralleling her character's journey in Aion. Enjoy!

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