Omens Of Ice

Arrives on July 19!

Register now for your FREE Icy Mystic's Gift Pack with the new Aion: Omens of Ice update!


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Mark your attendance for this new update by registering your account and you'll receive a FREE ICY Mystic's Gift Pack when your update goes live.

The Icy Mystic's Gift Pack includes the following items:

Mystic Academy Hat & Costume

Take on a bewitching new look as you prepare for new adventures.

5x [Event] Berdin’s Lucky Star

Each star fills Berdin’s Favor gauge by 4% to earn bonus experience.

7-Day Administrator’s Boon

Prevents death penalties and reduces travel costs

On July 19, eligible players will receive an email with a coupon code for an Icy Mystic's Gift Pack. To claim your gift pack, log in to your NC account and visit your “My Account” page. Select and go to the "Apply a Code" section and enter your coupon code. Select the Aion game tab and click “Apply” on the Icy Mystic’s Gift Pack code. Then log into the game and check your mailbox for your FREE items.