New Arenas

Arena of Harmony:
The Arena of Harmony is a new arena contest where Daevas form 2 person teams and pit themselves against other players. 6 Daevas enter and battle it out against each other for AP, Crucible Insignias, and entrance to the Arena of Glory.

Arena of Glory:
The Arena of Glory is a championship match for up to 4 players. There are no teams and entrance is gained by spending Arena of Glory tickets earned by winning the Arena of Harmony or ranking top 2 in the Arena of Chaos. Earn Mithril and Platinum medals, Glorious Insignias, and Abyss Points in this arena!

Housing Update

Players can now work together to improve their neighborhoods through new Village Bulletin Boards that offer tasks to complete. Neighborhoods that complete these tasks will improve and gain access to special vendors, a new housing style and special Dye Plants that can change the color of furniture in your place!

Dimensional Vortex

The Dimensional Vortex offers players a PvP raid scenario in which you must attack or defend objectives in Theobomos or Brusthonin. An Alliance of 24 players enter the Vortex and fight towards an objective while the opposing team attempts to stop them and cut off access to their lands.


Instance Server System:
This system creates instance groups by matching players from across all servers. Get special Auto Group buffs such as increased XP and Drop Rates!

New Instance - Tiamat Stronghold:
Tiamat's Stronghold is a 6 person instance full of names from the last 3 years of Aion. Face your foes and receive the Eternal Tiamat armor pieces as your reward!

New Instance - Dragon Lord's Refuge:
The Dragon Lord Tiamat has lowered her guard and now is the time to strike! Face down Tiamat, Aion's Primary villain since launch in a final showdown in this 12 person raid.


Legions can now be expanded all the way to Level 8, allowing for a maximum of 240 members and 80 Legion Warehouse slots. High level legions can also take special legion quests to earn special Coins that can be traded for new Legion weapon and armor skins as well as the Legion Wings and Warhorse mount!


In addition to the Warhorse Mount that players can earn through legion quests, 3 new mount styles have been added. Players can earn these special mounts through Instances, Neighborhood Upgrades, Legion Quests and other methods. Ride around Atreia in style!