Event Runs Oct 10 - Oct 24

Tiamat's Treasure Hunter


Collect and combine 5 elemental fragments to earn Tiamat Treasure Chests that can contain valuable rewards such as Consumables, Eternal Weapons, Ancient Spirit's Wings, Treasure Box Keys and more! In addition, Instances and various places around the world will spawn Treasure Boxes containing AP relics!


You can earn 5 different element stones by opening the [Event] treasure box or Protectorate's treasure box.

Once you have each of the five, double click one of them. It will become Tiamat's Treasure Box.

Recommended Instances

  Abyss Instance Normal Instance

47 or below

Sulfur Tree Nest Nochsana Training Camp
Left Wing Chamber  
Right Wing Chamber  

57 or below

Asteria Chamber Draupnir Cave
Chamber of Roah Dark Poeta
Krotan Chamber  
Miren Chamber  
Kysis Chamber  
Abyssal Splinter  

60 or below

- Esoterrace
  Beshmundir Temple
  Satra Treasure Hoard
  Rentus Base
  Argent Manor

Recommended Hunting Zones

*You have a chance to earn 'Element Box' additionally from these zones.

Zone Name
Tiamat Army Base (Red)
Tiamat's Stronghold Basemend (Blue)
Eye of Tiamaranta (Green)



The Treasure Box gives one of the following at a random chance

Item Contents
Bundle of Kahrun Symbols (Tradable) Kahrun's Symbol
Health Boost Bundle (Tradable) Lotus Pill
Saam King's Herbs
Bundle of Combat Supplies (Tradable) Greater Running Scroll
Fine Anti-Shock Scroll
Premium Power Shard
Bundle of Elemental Defense (Tradable) Fine Waterproof Scroll
Fine Fireproof Scroll
Fine Earthproof Scroll
Fine Windproof Scroll
Fabled Godstone Bundle (Tradable) Random Fabled Condition Godstone
Protectorate's Heroic Key Box (Tradable) Protectorate's Treasure Crate Key
Protectorate's Fabled Key Box (tradable) Protectorate's Treasure Box Key
Ancient Spirit's Wing Box (Tradable) Ancient Spirit's Wings
Raksha Weapon Box (Tradable) Class-Based Raksha Wapon
Tahabata Weapon Box (Tradable) Class-Based Tahabata Weapon
L130 Enchantment Stone (Tradable) L130 Enchantment Stone