Event Runs Sept 26 - Oct 10

Empyrean Lord's Crystals


During Daeva's Day, the people of Atreia collect Empyrean Lord Crystals in honor of all that the Lords have done for them and in memory of Lady Siel's sacrifice to save Atreia. Collect these crystals and trade them in for great rewards!


Empyrean Lord Crystals can be obtained from monster drops or staying in the game (every 30mins, max 4 a day), or can be purchased at BCM store for 1 NCoin (2 items per day)

Location Pandaemonium Sanctum
NPC Name Klantia Rufois


  • Birthday Cake Kisk
    Summons a kisk that you can resurrect at. Lasts for 2 hours and allows up to 6 people to register with it.
  • Heavy Scroll Bundle
    A bundle of useful scrolls.
  • Strongest Penguin Transformation Candy Pouch
    A pouch containing the Strongest Inquin Form Candy
  • Daeva's Banquet
    You can obtain a piece of cake from the celebratory cake on Daeva’s Day
  • [Title Card] Birthday -7-day
    Allows the use of the <Birthday> title.
  • Letter Firecracker
    A celebratory firecracker.
  • Pointy Hat
    A celebratory hat
  • Birthday Celebration
    Unlocks the <Birthday Celebration> emote
  • Lovely Dye Pouch
    A pouch containing Lovely Dye