Event Runs Sept 19 - Oct 10

Daeva's Candles


Collect the Aether Flames found around the world to light the magical candle atop the giant Aion 3rd Anniversary cake! Lighting each candle will provide a great buff for all Daevas in the area, so gather your friends and celebrate Aion's 3rd Anniversary together!


Aether Flame is a coin and the buff candles can be purchased from the event NPCs.

Aether Flame can be obtained from monster drops or the Black Cloud Marketplace.

Each Candle costs 1 Aether Flame.

Location Pandaemonium Sanctum
NPC Name Berdinea Hapolia


  • [Event] Blazing Candle
    A candle that is ablaze. Use it on the cake for celebrating Daeva's Day you'll triple the XP Boost for yourself and all nearby Daevas.
  • [Event] Magical Candle
    A magical candle. Use it on the Daeva's Day cake and you'll triple the drop rate for yourself and nearby Daevas.
  • [Event] Spiritual Candle
    A spiritual candle. Use it on the Daeva's Day cake and you'll restore 2,000 DP to yourself and all nearby Daevas. Attack speed is also raised by 10%% and magic cast time is reduced by 10%% while this is in effect.