Event Runs Sept 26 - Oct 10

Daeva for Daeva's Day


Daeva's Day is the celebration for existing Daevas, but also a day of hope for humans who have not ascended. On this day, many humans leave their normal lives to seek out adventure in hopes of being recognized by Aion and ascending to immortality. Set foot into the world of Atreia for the first time or all over again and receive a special gift when you ascend!


You can earn 10x Daminu's Amulet I, 1x New Daeva Supplies, 1x Goldentail Dorion Egg, and 10x Reviving Elemental Stones by doing the quest

Location Pandaemonium Sanctum
NPC Name Aved Dwen


  • Daminu’s Amulet I
    You gain 100% additional XP from hunting, gathering, and crafting while Daminu’s Amulet I is active.
    The effect expires after 2 hours, and you cannot use it again for 10 hours. Can be used by level 49 or below.
  • [Event] New Daeva Supplies
    Special supply items from the Empyrean Lords for new ascended Daevas
  • Event] Goldentail Dorion Egg
    A Goldentail Dorion’s egg. Has a 6-slot pet bag.
  • Reviving Elemental Stone
    A stone that allows you to resurrect when you die. You can also use it on a dead target.