Event Runs Sept 26 - Oct 10

Birthday Boom


The celebratory mood is in the air! Everyone is in the spirit of celebration when Daeva's Day rolls around, and this is the best way to show your excitement! Congratulate your fellow Daevas for everything they've accomplished over the last 3 years with special fireworks.


You can earn 1x Awesome Firework and 24x Empyrean Lord's Crystals items by doing the event quest

You can use the Empyrean Lord's Crystals for other event item purchases.

Location Pandaemonium Sanctum
NPC Name Bubanah Partoo


  • [Event] Empyrean Lord Crystal (x 24)
    A crystal containing the spirit of the Empyrean Lord Israphel. You can exchange your crystal for a gift.
  • [Event] Awesome Firework
    A celebratory firecracker