Event Runs Sept 26 - Oct 10

Birthday Banquet


The Master Chef is cooking up a feast for Daeva's Day! Stop by and give the chef a hand to receive Empyrean Lord's Crystals and a buff from the banquet table!


You can earn 1x Lightspeed Daeva 1-day pass and 24x Empyrean Lord's Crystals items by doing the event quest

You can use the Empyrean Lord's Crystals for other event item purchases.

Location Pandaemonium Sanctum
NPC Name Kleid Sui


  • [Event] Empyrean Lord Crystal (x 24)
    A crystal containing the spirit of the Empyrean Lord Israphel. You can exchange your crystal for a gift.
  • [Title Card] Lightspeed Daeva – 1-day pass
    Allows the use of the <Lightspeed Daeva> title