Trailer Aion®: Ascension™ 3.5: Tiamat’s Ruin launches on October 10th
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Aion's Third Anniversary

Celebrate with the 3.5 content release!

Celebrate Aion's 3rd Anniversary with a month of events and the 3.5 update launching October 10th!

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Tiamat's Ruin - The Story

The war was changing. For a brief moment, everything seemed to be falling into place: the Daevas gained a new ally in Kahrun and the Reian people, Kahrun had successfully enforced a hesitant peace between the Elyos and Asmodians, and Tiamat's army, once thought unstoppable, was losing ground.

But ancient rivalries cannot die overnight. Kahrun's fragile peace slowly began to crumble as Daevas on both sides found areas beyond his will to continue their bitter conflict. It seemed that the fragile alliance would collapse altogether, when the Reians gained access to Tiamat Stronghold, the last bastion of the Dragon Lord. It presents a perfect opportunity to strike the final blow against their ancient enemy.

Does Tiamat, the primal evil that has cursed the lands of Atreia for the last 3 years, have a cunning counter, or will the Daevas be able to hold onto their alliance with the Reians for long enough to destroy her? What does the mysterious reappearance of Lord Israphel, thought dead for centuries, mean for Atreia, and why does he seek to take Lady Siel's Relics from Tiamat? This is a pivotal moment in Atreia's history — face the Dragon Lord! Become Tiamat's Ruin!