Name Reservation Restricted

Hello Daevas,

Thank you for your continued support and love for Aion and the upcoming launch on 4/11 of the new Truly Free iteration with the highly anticipated 3.0 content.

As you know we opened up name reservations for the new server, Kahrun. That server is to go online on 4/11.

The response has been tremendous and we are again gratified by your dedication and affinity for the Aion service.

As of today we have reached the limit of the name reservations we can take on Kahrun before it opens. (Entirely due to the community's enthusiasm!) So from about 10PM Pacific Time until the official launch, players will no longer be able to reserve names on Kahrun.

Fortunately on launch day, Wednesday April 11th, players will be able to fully create their characters, with their desired name, as on any other new server.

We thank you again for your understanding for this slight change of plans. It is NCSOFT's desire to provide the most robust and enjoyable experience to all Aion players and with coming of Aion: Ascension we hope that you have seen, and will soon enjoy, the hard work and dedication our team has poured into this herculean effort.

Thank you again for all your support!