Patch Notes

June 18, 2014 Game Update Patch Notes

In the June 18, 2014 game update to Steel Cavalry, we've added new features and made changes to a few existing game systems.

The new features and changes include:

  • •  The new hair accessory, Plume.
  • •  Requirements for Abyss Officer gear has been lowered.
  • •  Skill Books are no longer required for learning skills.
  • •  Safe Zones in Katalam and Danaria have been fortified.

To read about all the changes and additions in this update, check out our complete patch notes.

March 26, 2014 Game Update Patch Notes

An update has been applied to Aion: Steel Cavalry. Our new game features include the Tempering system, a function to socket multiple manastones, AP to GP conversion quests, and more.

To read about all the changes and additions in this update, check out our complete patch notes here.

Steel Cavalry Patch Notes - January 29, 2014

New instances, new systems, and a new playable class-- these are just a few new features and changes in Aion: Steel Cavalry.

To read more about what's in the update, click here for the complete patch notes!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 Patch Notes

During the weekly maintenance, a few changes have been applied to the game.

  • Terath Dredgion is now available for players level 56 to 65.
  • Difficulties of Ophidan Bridge and Danuar Sanctuary have been adjusted.

For more details, please click here for the patch notes.

Sauro Supply Base & Steel Rose Instance Modifications


During the November 6 maintenance, some significant changes have been made to the Sauro Supply Base and Steel Rose instances. Overall, there has been a reduction in difficulty level to make them more player-friendly. Now’s your chance to get in there and show those bosses who’s boss! Specific changes are as follows:

Steel Rose Changes

  • Modifications apply to Steel Rose Cargo, Deck and Quarters.
  • Players will deal 40% more damage.
  • Players will receive 20% less damage.


Sauro Supply Base Changes

  • Players will deal 30% more damage.
  • Players will receive 10% less damage.
  • All named mobs will now have a chance to drop full gear and accessories.

And, for a limited time, the Sauro Supply Base Time Scroll, which resets the timer on this instance, will be on sale for 80 NCoin, 50% off its regular price.


For the official patch notes, please click here.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 Maintenance Patch Notes.

A few changes were made to the game during the October 30, 2013 maintenance. For the complete patch notes, please click here.

Patch Notes Added to News Section

Greetings, Daevas!

Moving forward, patch notes will be available in the “Patch Notes” section of the news. In an effort to make previous patch notes releases easier to find, we have consolidated all current and previous patch notes onto this post. They are in descending chronological order, with the newest notes on top.

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