Patch Notes

Sauro Supply Base & Steel Rose Instance Modifications


During the November 6 maintenance, some significant changes have been made to the Sauro Supply Base and Steel Rose instances. Overall, there has been a reduction in difficulty level to make them more player-friendly. Now’s your chance to get in there and show those bosses who’s boss! Specific changes are as follows:

Steel Rose Changes

  • Modifications apply to Steel Rose Cargo, Deck and Quarters.
  • Players will deal 40% more damage.
  • Players will receive 20% less damage.


Sauro Supply Base Changes

  • Players will deal 30% more damage.
  • Players will receive 10% less damage.
  • All named mobs will now have a chance to drop full gear and accessories.

And, for a limited time, the Sauro Supply Base Time Scroll, which resets the timer on this instance, will be on sale for 80 NCoin, 50% off its regular price.


For the official patch notes, please click here.