First Look

January 28 Update Sneak Peek

Getting the year started off with a bang, new updates are coming to Steel Cavalry! In this sneak peek, we’ll give you a quick look at what to expect on January 28!

Some of the features and changes include:

  • Manastone Socketing changes
  • Enchantment Stones simplified
  • New Amplification system
  • Returning Player Abbeys

Click here to read the sneak peek on the next update!

Sneak Peek: Atreian Passport

This “Fast Forward Friday” we take a sneak peek at a new system we are adding in game called the Atreian Passport.

The Atreian Passport is a daily stamp collecting system that offers unique gifts just for entering Atreia! All your characters on one account share the same Passport, allowing any one of your characters to check in. There is no level restriction for having and using the Passport.


- How Does It Work -

For every day you log into the game, you get a stamp on your Passport as well as a free gift. You can find the Atreian Passport by logging in game and clicking the Passport icon by the Compass. Log in daily to collect your gifts and stamps. For the first month, you can collect 21 stamps but every subsequent month you can collect up to 28 stamps. Every 7 consecutive stamps on the Passport will give you a special gift. Make it a goal to collect all the stamps each month to maximize your gifts. 


- Gifts -

When you log in each day, a system message will alert you that a stamp has been added to your Passport and you will receive a daily gift! The Daily Gift boxes consist of consumables with a special gift on your 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th stamp. There is also an Anniversary Gift only available to you every year on the month of your account creation. Just log in any day during your anniversary month and you’ll get the gift box in the Daily Gift menu. Unsure of when you created your account? Don’t worry we have it right on the bottom of the Passport menu.

To claim your gifts, you will need to claim the item via the Daily Gifts tab on the Passport menu when you bring it up. They will not be put in your inventory automatically as they can be claimed by any character on the account. Daily Gifts will continue to accumulate here until they are claimed. You can claim it at any time and on any character on the account. Similar to your mailbox, the tab can only store 50 unclaimed gift boxes. We suggest you collect your gifts in a timely fashion, as the oldest ones will be overwritten as newer gifts come in. Once claimed, to identify the items from the Atreian Passport, there will be a [Stamp] tag associated with the items.


The Atreian Passport is a permanent feature of the game and will be available immediately upon the launch of the upcoming update. We'll be posting more details about the update to Steel Cavalry every Friday so check back with us frequently!

Sneak Peek: New Instances

This “Fast Forward Friday” we take a sneak peek at the two upcoming instances in our next game update.

Linkgate Foundry

Tiamat’s final commands still reverberate through the aether-soaked layers of the Linkgate Foundry. Originally intended to provide a full-scale counterattack on Atreia while Asmodian and Elyos forces were tied down in Balaurea, the Foundry was repurposed for Beritra’s cruel intentions. As a nexus for dimensional research and activity, the Linkgate Foundry is a clear threat to both Elyos and Asmodian war efforts.

This is a solo instance for level 65 and above. There are three floors and each floor has seven rooms filled with enemies. Defeat the mobs and collect keys. The instance is timed and number of keys you have collected can be used to determine the boss’ difficulty.




Idgel Dome

The Danuar—a noble and ancient race of apparent grace and beauty—were also legendary for their brutality and martial fury. Obsessed with perfection and power, they infused creatures with Ide, mercilessly pitting them against each other to develop even stronger and more ferocious mutations. Now, Beritra sits on the precipice of unveiling the Danuar’s research with mutagenic Idian. As skirmishes break out within the Idgel Dome, a bestial growl shakes the foundations. 

This is a 6v6 PvPvE instance. It is a timed instance for players’ level 61 to 65. Defeat the Ide-crazed creatures and Beritra’s forces, but be careful, the opposing faction is trying to do the same thing.



We'll be posting more details about the upcoming update every Friday so check back with us frequently!

Sneak Peek: New Zone, Kaldor

For the 5th Anniversary, we spent all of September looking back through the past five years. Now it’s time to fast forward and look towards what's coming to Aion! This “Fast Forward Friday” we take a sneak peek at one of the new upcoming zones, Kaldor.

Kaldor roils and groans with the consequences of an ancient mistake. Cinder-ridden forests choke on the ashen reminders of the dangers of Ide. This place is a struggle between a petrified memory of old, and the growth of a new age trying to forget. Anoha, a forgotten Danuar hero, stands at the heart of it all. His ancient blade, sunken into the stone of Wealhtheow’s Keep, may hold the answers to how Kaldor met its end. As lava belches forth onto this Ide-soaked land from the depths, Beritra moves across Kaldor with purpose.




We'll be posting more details about the upcoming update every Friday so check back with us frequently!

March 26 Update Sneak Peek

New updates are coming to Steel Cavalry and we have a sneak peak and what you’ll see hitting the live servers next week. We’ve got some new quests, an updated bot reporting system, the brand-new Tempering system, and more!

Tempering System

Add PvP stats to level 50+ accessories with the Tempering system. A Tempering Solution will be required to temper an accessory and it can be obtained from certain instance bosses or on the store.

03262014_Tempering Solution.jpg

Manastone Enchanting Dialogue Changes

Socketing has become easier and more automated. You will be able to choose the number of manastones you wish to socket and it will continue to run until the item has been fully successfully socketed or all the attempts were used.

03262014_Socketing Dialogue.jpg

Bot Flagging System

The in-game ReportAutoHunting action will have a new functionality. Now when you report a suspected player, it flags them in our system and various penalties would be applied depending on the number of reports a suspected player gets.


Walk of Fame & Hall of Fame

Located in Kaisinel Academy and Marchutan Priority respectively, players will be able to enter the Elyos Walk of Fame and Asmodian Hall of Fame. This is a special areas designed to commemorate esteemed Daevas. The innermost halls are reserved for Daevas General rank and higher, where they can purchase exclusive  items such as Golden Boosters, wings, firecrackers, and supplements.

03262014_Hall of Fame.jpg

AP to GP Conversion Quests

A new Glory Points conversion quest will be added. AP can now be converted to GP via two quest items that are purchasable with Kinah and AP from NPCs.

New Terath Dredgion Quests

Available starting at level 61, new quests will be added for Terath Dredgion. Complete these quests and be rewarded with consumables, manastone bundles, and including Fragmented Ceramiums and Ceramium Medals.

Israphel Initiatives

New intiatives will be in effect on Israphel. The faction that has a disadvantageous influence ratio will deal more damage to the Guardian General during sieges. Fortresses defenses will also be reduced during offenses, and for Asmodians only, an NPC in Katalam will be added to provide a buff if you speak to her.


These highlights are just a few changes and additions coming on March 26, 2014. You can read up on all the changes in our patch notes next week!

Aion 4.0: Level cap increase and new skills!

With Aion 4.0, the level cap is being raised to 65, which means there will be new skills coming! Get a look at some PvP, Raid vs. Raid, and brand new "Charge"-type skills, that increase in power the more you charge them up!

Motion capture: bringing Aion 4.0 to life

Check out the motion capture bringing new dance emotes to life in Aion 4.0!