First Look

Sneak Peek: New Zone, Kaldor

For the 5th Anniversary, we spent all of September looking back through the past five years. Now it’s time to fast forward and look towards what's coming to Aion! This “Fast Forward Friday” we take a sneak peek at one of the new upcoming zones, Kaldor.

Kaldor roils and groans with the consequences of an ancient mistake. Cinder-ridden forests choke on the ashen reminders of the dangers of Ide. This place is a struggle between a petrified memory of old, and the growth of a new age trying to forget. Anoha, a forgotten Danuar hero, stands at the heart of it all. His ancient blade, sunken into the stone of Wealhtheow’s Keep, may hold the answers to how Kaldor met its end. As lava belches forth onto this Ide-soaked land from the depths, Beritra moves across Kaldor with purpose.




We'll be posting more details about the upcoming update every Friday so check back with us frequently!