First Look

Aion: Omens of Ice Instance Overview

With Aion: Omens of Ice just a few days away we wanted to give a glimpse into the new instances you will encounter in the update.

Bastion of Souls
12 Players
4 times per week

When a mysterious place appeared in Reshanta swarming with Balaur, a secret reconnaissance group was dispatched to investigate. Only one member from this group remains alive inside, and it is up to your group to rescue him and make sure the new threat has been stamped out.

Bastion of Souls will challenge you in several different ways from protecting NPCs, to rescuing prisoners and finally defeating the final boss; an abomination created by Balaur experiments.

Trials of Eternity
6 players
4 times per week


The third floor of the Tower of Eternity is now accessible due to instability in the Artifact’s core. Your group will infiltrate through the tower and defeat the protector to discover the cause of the artifact’s instability, which if not dealt with can have cataclysmic consequences for Atreia.

Crucible Spire
3 times per week


With the recent attacks in Atreia and the Balaur growing stronger, the Empyrean Lords are concerned. They have erected a huge tower in search of the most dedicated and strongest Daevas to climb in order to find those worthy to fight the Balaur.

This 40 floor tower will have increasing difficulty as you ascend. There are many challenges to overcome and only the strongest Daevas that make it to the top will be rewarded. With ranking boards and season that span four weeks there are many rewards up for grabs for the one’s that climb to the top.

Evergale Canyon
24 to 96 players
2 hours every day at varying times


Another fragment of the Artifact has been discovered in a mysterious place, but the other faction is looking to claim it as their own too.

This PvPvE arena will pit up to 96 players from each faction against each other in a battle to 5,000 points or a max of 30 minutes. The battle will begin once 24 players from each faction have been assembled, and will grow as more players join. The arena’s size will change, and more objectives will become available, as more players join.

Keep an eye out for special Shugos in Evergale Canyon, as they have items Daevas need to secure victory.

Grand Arena of Tenacity
6 players
4 times per week


This new arena will take sixteen groups of 6 players through a tournament, just like the original Arena of Tenacity. This arena will have its very own Season and ranking board, with special rewards of Exp, AP, GP, and Kinah as well.

The arena map differs from the Arena of Tenacity and is designed for groups to fight to the death. Spectating is still available if you want to watch other groups battling it out.

This concludes our look into the new instances included in Aion: Omens of Ice. Be sure to join the battle on July 19 when the update launches so you can experience them first hand.