First Look

March 26 Update Sneak Peek

New updates are coming to Steel Cavalry and we have a sneak peak and what you’ll see hitting the live servers next week. We’ve got some new quests, an updated bot reporting system, the brand-new Tempering system, and more!

Tempering System

Add PvP stats to level 50+ accessories with the Tempering system. A Tempering Solution will be required to temper an accessory and it can be obtained from certain instance bosses or on the store.

03262014_Tempering Solution.jpg

Manastone Enchanting Dialogue Changes

Socketing has become easier and more automated. You will be able to choose the number of manastones you wish to socket and it will continue to run until the item has been fully successfully socketed or all the attempts were used.

03262014_Socketing Dialogue.jpg

Bot Flagging System

The in-game ReportAutoHunting action will have a new functionality. Now when you report a suspected player, it flags them in our system and various penalties would be applied depending on the number of reports a suspected player gets.


Walk of Fame & Hall of Fame

Located in Kaisinel Academy and Marchutan Priority respectively, players will be able to enter the Elyos Walk of Fame and Asmodian Hall of Fame. This is a special areas designed to commemorate esteemed Daevas. The innermost halls are reserved for Daevas General rank and higher, where they can purchase exclusive  items such as Golden Boosters, wings, firecrackers, and supplements.

03262014_Hall of Fame.jpg

AP to GP Conversion Quests

A new Glory Points conversion quest will be added. AP can now be converted to GP via two quest items that are purchasable with Kinah and AP from NPCs.

New Terath Dredgion Quests

Available starting at level 61, new quests will be added for Terath Dredgion. Complete these quests and be rewarded with consumables, manastone bundles, and including Fragmented Ceramiums and Ceramium Medals.

Israphel Initiatives

New intiatives will be in effect on Israphel. The faction that has a disadvantageous influence ratio will deal more damage to the Guardian General during sieges. Fortresses defenses will also be reduced during offenses, and for Asmodians only, an NPC in Katalam will be added to provide a buff if you speak to her.


These highlights are just a few changes and additions coming on March 26, 2014. You can read up on all the changes in our patch notes next week!