First Look

Aion: Omens of Ice Instance Overview

With Aion: Omens of Ice just a few days away we wanted to give a glimpse into the new instances you will encounter in the update.

Bastion of Souls
12 Players
4 times per week

When a mysterious place appeared in Reshanta swarming with Balaur, a secret reconnaissance group was dispatched to investigate. Only one member from this group remains alive inside, and it is up to your group to rescue him and make sure the new threat has been stamped out.

Bastion of Souls will challenge you in several different ways from protecting NPCs, to rescuing prisoners and finally defeating the final boss; an abomination created by Balaur experiments.

Trials of Eternity
6 players
4 times per week


The third floor of the Tower of Eternity is now accessible due to instability in the Artifact’s core. Your group will infiltrate through the tower and defeat the protector to discover the cause of the artifact’s instability, which if not dealt with can have cataclysmic consequences for Atreia.

Crucible Spire
3 times per week


With the recent attacks in Atreia and the Balaur growing stronger, the Empyrean Lords are concerned. They have erected a huge tower in search of the most dedicated and strongest Daevas to climb in order to find those worthy to fight the Balaur.

This 40 floor tower will have increasing difficulty as you ascend. There are many challenges to overcome and only the strongest Daevas that make it to the top will be rewarded. With ranking boards and season that span four weeks there are many rewards up for grabs for the one’s that climb to the top.

Evergale Canyon
24 to 96 players
2 hours every day at varying times


Another fragment of the Artifact has been discovered in a mysterious place, but the other faction is looking to claim it as their own too.

This PvPvE arena will pit up to 96 players from each faction against each other in a battle to 5,000 points or a max of 30 minutes. The battle will begin once 24 players from each faction have been assembled, and will grow as more players join. The arena’s size will change, and more objectives will become available, as more players join.

Keep an eye out for special Shugos in Evergale Canyon, as they have items Daevas need to secure victory.

Grand Arena of Tenacity
6 players
4 times per week


This new arena will take sixteen groups of 6 players through a tournament, just like the original Arena of Tenacity. This arena will have its very own Season and ranking board, with special rewards of Exp, AP, GP, and Kinah as well.

The arena map differs from the Arena of Tenacity and is designed for groups to fight to the death. Spectating is still available if you want to watch other groups battling it out.

This concludes our look into the new instances included in Aion: Omens of Ice. Be sure to join the battle on July 19 when the update launches so you can experience them first hand. 

Aion 5.3 Abyss Changes Preview

With the Aion 5.3 update less than a week away we wanted to cover some of the changes for the abyss in the update!

Abyss Changes
The update will brings new type of grouping mechanic just for sieges called Coalition which will make it easier for players to participate and get coordinated. These new groups will be available to all players 10 minutes before the scheduled siege starts. If you wish to participate, be sure to join one, as you will only receive rewards from the siege if you are in the Coalition. Each fort will have its own Coalition, so be sure to apply for the one you will want to siege! The leaders of the Coalition will be determined based on Abyss rank, and the leaders will also have special skills assigned to them based on their Abyss rank, and their rank within the Coalition. These skills are very powerful and can be vital to winning the siege so be sure to take advantage of them!

At the beginning of each siege, the fortresses going vulnerable will be reset to Balaur for both the lower and upper fortresses no matter who currently occupies them at that time.

Lower Fortresses
In the lower fortress sieges, Shugos will be offering assistance to Daevas against the Balaur. For the first part of the siege, Balaur will attack the Shugos that are there to help out in the Lower Abyss. You will need to work together with your Coalition to save the Shugos from the Balaur. The faction that renders the most aid for each pack of Shugos will gain their assistance in taking the fortress. Each pack of Shugos offers something different! Rewards will be given to all players that participate in the siege regardless of faction and even if the opposite faction takes the fortress. There will be a minimum contribution level required on the losing faction to gain these rewards.


Upper Fortresses
The Upper Fortress sieges will be changed so the winning faction is decided based on the contribution for the fortress siege, instead of the first faction to take the Diety. As the battle begins, players will be transported to the fortress for the Coalition they applied for and both factions’ scores will be at zero, while Balaur will be at 10,000. You will need to work with your Coalition to complete objectives around and in the fortress to gain points. At the end of the siege, regardless of who kills the Deity, the faction with the most points will be successful in obtaining the fortress. If the Balaur still have the most points, or the two factions tie in points, the fort will remain Balaur and both factions will receive participation rewards.


Equipment and Rank Changes
Included in the update will be new sets of Abyss equipment for all ranks of Archdaevas. This new gear will require the new tradeable Spinel Medals and Abyss Points to obtain. The mechanics for Glory Points will be changing too. In order to be ranked by your GP, you will need to gain 1,450 in a calendar month to hold your rank, and it will no longer decay on a daily basis. If you do not meet that threshold, you will be ranked according to your AP until you gain enough GP. Players will also receive a weekly reward bundle for holding their Abyss rank which will be sent via mail.


This concludes our previews for Aion: 5.3. You can view our previous previews that go over other new features and changes in the update here. Aion 5.3 launches next week, March 8, so be ready because the Balaur will not go easy!

5.3 Item and System Preview

Aion 5.3 is launching on March 8, 2017. There are many updates and changes in the patch other than what we've shown previously. Keep reading for a preview of server new items and system changes in this update!

Essence Core
Essense Core is a new item for Archdaevas that will allow you to obtain additional Essence points, which you will be able to equip on your character screen. Characters can equip up to three essence cores at any given time. Each Essence Core can be enchanted up to a maximum of +10, with additional Essence Points being added for each enchantment level. The amount of essence added is not randomized.

Essence Cores can be obtained through Aetherforging, and can be enchanted with Omega Enchantment Stones or the new Essence Core Solution, which will be available from bosses in Archdaeva instances. Essence Cores can be traded at any enchantment level.


Atreian Passport
The Atreian Passport will be updated so it no longer resets every calendar month. Each day you log in, it will progress one more day on the calendar and give you the subsequent reward. After you receive the 28th and final reward, the rewards will reset.


Empyrean Bracelets
The Empyrean Lords have forged blessed bracelets to be worn by Daevas. Empyrean Bracelets increase your PvP Defense, and can be improved via tempering up to tempering level 10.

At level 5 and 10, the Bracelet’s appearance changes, and a small amount of PvP attack is added at each level starting at level 6. The bracelet also gains a Manastone slot at tempering levels 5, 7, and 10. Failing to temper a bracelet will reduce the tempering level to zero, and will result in losing any Manastones that were socketed. Empyrean Bracelets are available for Daevas level 10 or above and are tradeable at any tempering level.


Atreian Bestiary
The Atreian Bestiary is a log you will keep of monsters you kill in Iluma and Norsvold. Both regions will be available for each race. Each monster in the Atreian Bestiary will have five levels of rewards, which can be unlocked by defeating a specific number of a given monster.

After finishing a reward level, you are awarded with experience. Each subsequent reward level will have larger experience rewards, but will also require more monsters to be defeated than the previous level. You can view the locations for almost every monster in the Atreian Bestiary, but some rare ones you will have to find on your own!


Skill Changes
In the Skills window, you will find a new tab where you will have the ability to create custom skill chains. You can set up to 4 skills per chain, and each character gets 5 chains total. After creating your custom chain, you can drag the first skill to your hotbar. When it is used it will chain to the next skill in the custom chain.

If a skill is already a part of a chain naturally, the natural chain must be completed before the next part of the custom chain triggers, and conditional statuses must still be met. You can arrange skills in any order, so get creative!


There are many more additions to the update! Stay tuned for the next preview which will go over the Abyss Siege changes in 5.3.

Dredgion Defense and Arena of Tenacity Preview


Dredgion Defense

With the reawakening of the Tower of Eternity, the Aetheric field around Atreia has started to weaken. From her slumber deep within the Abyss, Ereshkigal sensed this weakness, and has dispatched an elite fleet of Dredgions to the capital cities in an act unheard of since before the Cataclysm. Work together with your fellow Daevas to protect your home!

Every Sunday after the update, Archdaevas will be able to queue for the Dredgion Defense for Sanctum and Pandemonium. The first 384 players to queue will be teleported into the starting area in their faction’s capital city. Regardless if the Dredgion Defense is full or not, the instance will start after a few minutes. The goal of the Defense is to earn as many points as possible by stopping the invading forces.

Players must work together and focus on several objectives simultaneously to defend their city. Ranks are awarded after defeating the boss, Zedas, followed by a direct assault on the Dredgion flagship for extra rewards. The difficulty of this final phase is determined by your score in the defense. Successful defenses will awards all players that participated in the instance with materials, consumables, and new equipment.


Arena of Tenacity

Archdaevas can enter the Arena of Tenacity, a new tournament-format Arena. Up to 32 players can join each instance of the Arena, and will be put head-to-head in a 1v1, single-elimination tournament (multiple tournaments can run simultaneously). Players will be moved to the Crucible of Tenacity first, and will be automatically seeded for matches. In the Crucible, there are various NPCs and players can also spectate other matches while waiting for your turn. Spectator mode is only available from within the instance. Victory allows you to continue to fight the next opponent, and defeat will eject you from the Arena.

Each match excluding the finals is a timed best-of-three contest, with the first player to score two points moving to the next round. The finals match is a best-of-five, where the first to three points wins. Points are earned by killing your opponent, but if the time limit runs out while the players are tied in points, a two minute sudden death round will begin. If the players are both still alive after that, then the player who dealt more damage will win. Rewards will be given based on how far you advance in the tournament, with the winner receiving the most fabulous prizes!

The Arena of Tenacity will have seasons lasting for nine weeks, followed by a one week break. Every Arena of Tenacity tournament you participate in will count towards your ranking for the season, and when the season ends you will be given rewards of Kinah, AP, and GP based on your final placement.



Aion 5.3 is coming soon. Stay tuned for more information and our release date announcement next week!

Aetherforging and Coalescence Preview

We have already gone over the new instances and arena changes in a preview here, and today, we will focus on the new crafting profession, Aetherforging, and a new means to dispose of unwanted gear called Coalescence.

Once a Daeva becomes an Archdaeva they will have access to the new crafting profession, Aetherforging, automatically. With Aetherforging, you will be able to craft a variety of items including consumables, weapons, armor, accessories, pets and more. You can use Aetherforging anywhere without requiring you to be near a crafting station; just open the window and get busy!

To get started with Aetherforging, you can start crafting materials you will need for later designs. Nearly all Aetherforging crafts will be available to you without the need for design recipes. As long as you have the materials and are at the appropriate proficiency level, you can craft the item!


Leveling Aetherforging works by crafting the available designs. There are no work orders available and there are a few crafts to help you start leveling Aetherforging. Leveling can take a long time, so be sure to craft as often as possible and use any crafting boosts you may have saved up!

Coalescence is a new way for you to dispose of you unwanted Archdaeva gear. After selecting the core item, you can add up to 6 additional pieces of equipment of the same type (weapon, armor, or accessories) and the same grade or better. You can then sacrifice them for a random item of the same type! By using more items and higher grade items in Coalescence, the odds of a high quality item goes up, along with a chance for the item to include enchantment levels.


The next Aion: Echoes of Eternity update arrives on November 9, 2016. Stay tuned for additional previews! 

Aion: Echoes of Eternity Update Instance Preview

In the next update to Aion: Echoes of Eternity, new and updated instances will be available to put Archdaevas to the test!

Cradle of Eternity
Cradle of Eternity is an ancient lookout previously used to watch over Atreia. Long abandoned, a malevolent serpent named Typhon has taken up residence in this garden. As Archdaevas explored the Archives of Eternity in Norsvold and Iluma, a doorway was discovered to the Cradle.

It is your mission to rescue a missing agent previously dispatched, and purify the Cradle of Eternity by eliminating Typhon and his corruption. The instance will only be available to a party of Archdaevas after completing the Archives of Eternity quest line.



Fallen Poeta
Poeta has once again been invaded by Balaur in the future, but something is... different. Using an artifact from the Tower of Eternity, a being known as Kroban now rules. Evade Lieutenant Anuhart and defeat Brigade General Tahabata to challenge Kroban and liberate Fallen Poeta.


Fissure of Oblivion
Lady Siel created the Fissure of Oblivion to store and protect the memories of the Ancient Archdaeva. Using the memory of your past life, venture into the Fissure alone and transform into powerful ancient avatars. Within the fissure exists a Guardian whom you must face to prove you are worthy of your locked memories.


Idgel Dome Landmark & Ophidan Warpath
These Battleground instances have been updated for Archdaevas with new victory conditions, but one factor remains unchanged—the enemy faction is also competing for control of Idgel Dome Landmark and Ophidan Warpath!



Ashunatal Dredgion
The Ashunatal Dredgion, a stolen Dredgion commanded by Ashunatal Shadowslip, was discovered in the Abyss collecting the remnants of Tiamat's forces. Infiltrate the Dredgion with a group of fellow Archdaevas. Watch out for the enemy faction because they too have found their way inside.

In addition to these new instances, a new bracket for level 66+ Arenas will be available. Kamar Battlefield and Iron Wall Warfront will also be updated to be available for Archdaevas only.

The update to Aion: Echoes of Eternity is coming on November 9, 2016! We will be back for more information and guides!

Aion: Echoes of Eternity Update Preview

The next update to Aion: Echoes of Eternity will be making its way in November. This update includes new instances, new high level PvP arenas, a brand new crafting profession for Archdaevas, and more!

Aetherforging and Coalescence
Aetherforging is a new crafting discipline for Archdaevas only.  With Aetherforging you can craft a wide variety of items including consumables, gear, mounts, wings and more! No need to be at a crafting station either, open the Aetherforging crafting window anywhere to begin crafting!


Coalescence is a new way to dispose of your unwanted Archdaeva gear! Use gear of the same type (Weapon, Armor or Accessory) and grade and receive a random piece of gear, and if you’re lucky a better grade and bonus enchantment levels. Save your gear, because the more items you use in one coalescence can yield better results.


Two new group PvE instances for Archdaevas will be added in the update, as well as one new solo instance. Cradle of Eternity takes you into an ancient garden where a malevolent serpent named Typhon has taken over. Fallen Poeta takes you back into a Balaur controlled Poeta in the future. Fissure of Oblivion is a new solo instance in which you explore the memories of your past life.


Additionally, Archdaeva versions of existing PvP instances are arriving. Idgel Dome Landmark, Ophidan Warpath, Ashunatal Dredgion and level 66+ Arenas will become available. Lastly, Kamar Battlefield and Iron Wall Warfront will be updated to be Archdaeva-only.

Archdaeva Transformation Abilities
Command the power of the elements and transform into mighty Avatars. These Avatars give significant stat bonuses and gain powerful exclusive abilities. Use your Essence to charge the transformation skills to enhance the transformation!


These are just some of the additions in the new update. Stay tuned for other updates that look further into some of the content as we get closer to the release!