Santanyerk's Solorius begins today!

All good little Daevas have probably noticed that Shulacks snuck in during maintenance last week and upgraded the capital cities with festive decorations, nyerk. Today, you get to celebrate the beginning of the Solorius, the most joyful time of the year. It's also the best time to get and give gifts, akakak!

Daevas that have been leveling, crafting, and gathering will get special presents! The Adventurer's Guide continues to deliver helpful gifts for leveling. And more double experience weekends are coming for the holiday to make the fur fl—er, fearless ones much more powerful!

The winter event is also in your claws—well, in crab claws! During Crab Fest, you can help capture crabs for holiday rewards that are sure to warm up your Solorius nights, nyerk! Read all the delicious details on the Solorius Events page.

Spread some holiday cheer by decimating your enemies with a Solorius Tree Greatsword or Solorius Wreath Orb ornament, akakak! New winter holiday weapon skins are for sale in the Aion store starting today. They're only available through January 11, 2012, so enjoy them while Santanyerk is here!


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