Mega Kinah Millions Returns!


This 4-week-long event gives Daevas the chance to win hundreds of millions of Kinah each week.  The Atreian Fortune Commission estimates that over 10 Billion Kinah will be awarded to lucky Daevas each week during this event, so pick up your tickets every day!


While the event is active, Daevas of level 10 and above can purchase up to 10 tickets per character each day from the Mega Kinah Millions vendor in various Atreian cities and outposts. Tickets are also available on the Black Cloud Marketplace for players level 30 and above.


Once you have your tickets, scratch them off by right-clicking them in your inventory.  The top prize is 300 million kinah and multiple top prizes will be awarded.  Buy your tickets, cross your wings, and see how much you’ve won!


Kinah!  Glorious Kinah!  Millions to go around!  And the best part is there is no limit to how many Daevas can win!
•    1st Place Winners:   300,000,000 Kinah
•    2nd Place Winners: 100,000,000 Kinah
•    3rd Place Winners:  5,000,000 Kinah
•    4th Place Winners:  1,500,000 Kinah
•    5th Place Winners:  10,000 Kinah



Tickets may be purchased in-game from July 10th, 2013 to July 24th, 2013.  The reward vendor will remain until August 7th to ensure adequate turn-in time.  Only level 30+ characters may purchase tickets.  Only 10 tickets may be purchased in-game per day per character.  Ticket costs will vary based on faction influence ratio.  Mega Kinah Millions not valid in Australia. If you access this website from within Australia, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for ensuring compliance with all laws regarding Mega Kinah Millions in the place where you are located.



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