[Updated] Guardian General Showdown


For a limited time from May 8 to May 22, compete in the premiere of the Guardian General Showdown to earn Abyss Points, Mithril Medals, Major Ancient Crowns, and Special Manastone Boxes! This is a PvPvE event. Not only do you have to take down the opposing faction’s Guardian General, you must defend your own Guardian General from attacks. Take up your weapons and head over to Jotun Square in Silentera Canyon!

- Objective -
Elyos Guardian General Furious Dux and Asmodian Guardian General Furious Stalari will appear at Jotun Square in Silentera Canyon. Defeat the rival Guardian General while protecting yours. The first faction to take down the opposing Guardian General wins.

- Time -
The Guardian Generals will appear after the May 8 maintenance and subsequently spawn every 12 hours from when they are defeated. .

- Location -
Jotun Square in Silentera Canyon


- Rewards -
Of the winning faction, each participant of the group, league, or alliance that does the most damage will get (1) Guardian General Treasure Chest. Team up to ensure all participants get the chest.

General Chest.gif

The Guardian General Treasure Chest contains the following items:

Mithril Medal.gif Special Manastone II.gif Ancient Crown.gif

(1) Mithril Medal that will be immediately placed in your Special Cube after opening.

(1) Special Manastone Box II that has a chance to give you a Composite Manastone.

(1) Major Ancient Crown that can be traded in for Abyss Points.


In addition, all participants of both winning and losing factions will receive (1) Mithril Medal for participating. The Mithril Medal will be delivered by survey and only during the evening (Central time) spawn of the Guardian Generals.


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