Daeva's Day Event


The month-long anniversary celebration is heating up for Aion! We first kicked off with the Alchemist Event, and next up is the Daeva’s Day Event. A celebration isn’t complete without cake!


Daeva’s Day – Cakes & Buffs (September 18 to October 2) for Level 10+

In celebration of the 4th anniversary, the Empyrean Lords have dispatched agents on their behalf to honor the Daevas that serve Aion. 


Part One: A Day To Rejoice

Speak to the Blessings NPC located in each capital city by the large Daeva’s Day cake and receive two free boost amulets for gathering and crafting. Visit the NPCs every day during the event to get these amulets.



Celestial Gathering Boost

Celestial Crafting Boost

Part Two: Daeva’s Day Cake

Talk with the Daeva's Day Cake on the cake to receive an increase EXP and Drop Rate buff for two hours. You will need to talk with the Cake twice to receive both buffs. On Sunday, September 22, the day of the anniversary, 6-hour buffs will be available from the Cake.


Part Three: Take Wing, Daeva!

A Daeva isn’t a Daeva without their wings so speak to the Wing Crafter NPC for a free pair of 7-Day wings. Choose between the Unlikely Wings Skin for Elyos, Implausible Wings Skin for Asmodians or the Lucky Wings Skin. Regardless of what you choose, come back during the second week* of the event to pick out another pair.




*The quest for a second pair of 7-day wings is available via survey in Pandaemonium and Sanctum.


Part Four: Empyrean Lords’ Feathers

Celestial Feathers will be dropping from world mobs and instances. Tune the Celestial Feather to receive a feather of one of four different colors. Combine all four colors (yellow, red, green and blue) to make (1) Rapturous Wing. Open the Rapturous Wing for a number of Golden Feathers that can be traded in with the Empyrean Agent NPC for prizes. The feathers are also available in the store. For a list of rewards, please click here.


Celestial Feather

CelestialYellowFeather.jpg CelestialRedFeather.jpg CelestialGreenFeather.jpg CelestialBlueFeather.jpg

Yellow Feather

Red Feather

Green Feather

Blue Feather


Rapturous Wing


Gold Feather

Part Five: All the Cakes

The Empyrean Lords’ personal baker has baked cakes in honor of Daeva’s Day. However, while delivering them, he was clumsy enough to drop the cakes all over Atreia. If you come across a cake during your adventures, open it for (1) Aion’s Gift Box. These gift boxes give out various scrolls and potions. The larger cakes have a chance to give (1) Celestial Feather. For a list of rewards, please click here.


On Friday, September 20 the GMs will also be in game celebrating the anniversary. They will be spawning monsters and cakes in the capital cities. Click here for more information.

Happy Daeva’s Day!


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