Brax Cafe


The Brax Café is open for business! For two weeks only, the café is giving out samples of their food to all patrons. Come in everyday from October 9 through the 23rd and dine free!

Start the event by first speaking to the Café Promoter in Sanctum or Pandaemonium. You must be at least level 21 to participate. Then head over to Oriel Plaza or Pernon Plaza to speak to the Café Manager to receive (14) Oriel or Pernon Scrolls-- one scroll for every day of the event! If you’re feeling hungry, grab a bite to eat from the Café Manager. Not only will you receive one random food item, you will also receive one Patron Mark for each of your visits. Patron Marks can be exchanged for various Café rewards including your very own 30-day General Goods NPC or Warehouse Manager for your home just for frequenting the café! Stop by the Café every day of the event to pick up your free meal and a Patron Mark!


Starturtle_Aether_Steak.gif Perer_Aether_Dumpling.gif Moonflower_Aether_Sushi_Roll.gif Litrea_Aether_Cream_Pasta.gif Frillneck_Aether_Sausage.gif Frillneck_Aether_Bulgogi.gif Basilisk_Aether_Sandwich.gif

- Location -


Café Promoter – Exalted Path, Sanctum

Café Manager – Oriel Plaza



Café Promoter – Vifrost Bridge, Pandaemonium

Café Manager – Pernon Plaza


- Rewards -

For your patronage, the Café Manager offers various cafe rewards. Hire a personal Warehouse Manager or General Goods NPC for a period of 30-days or pick up a souvenir of the Staff Formal costume to remember the Café by. If you're more of a foodie, there are Lovely Omelettes available to-go that will refill your DP bar by 2,000 points.


[Event] Brax Cafe General Goods Merchant (30 Days)


[Event] Brax Cafe Warehouse Manager (30 Days)


[Event] Staff Formal (1 hour)


[Event] Lovely Omelette Bundle

These rewards can be claimed by exchanging Patron Marks with the Café Manager any time during the event period. Café staff attires are also available on the store.


See you at the Brax Café!


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