Shugo Sweep


Shugo Sweep has arrived in Atreia for a limited time! Roll the die, go around the board and get rewarded with prizes, prizes, prizes. If you’re lucky, you can even assemble the Golden Card for the most fabulous prizes!

-How To Participate-

After the maintenance this Wednesday, you will find the Shugo Sweep icon in the bottom right portion of your screen. Clicking this icon will open up the Shugo Sweep game board where you will be able to roll the die and get rewarded with an item for the spot you land on. The item is immediately placed into your inventory and once you claim an item, you can’t land on that spot again. You can go around the board as many times as possible until you run out of available spots, at which point the board will be refreshed with new items.

Accounts with level 46+ characters will receive one free roll per event week after the maintenance. The board and dice pool are shared across all the characters on the account. If you are looking for additional rolls, you can purchase Golden Dice on the store. Additionally, a survey containing one Golden Die will be sent out to all players once per week after the maintenance, and if you are a Prestige Pack holder you will receive an additional Golden Die. If you want to reset the board before collecting all the items, you can purchase a Shuffle Card from the store to refresh the board immediately.

While progressing through the board you may come across a Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace Card. If you combine all five of these cards together you will be granted a Golden Card which you can open for fabulous prizes.





Golden Card

[Event] Provenance Weapon Box

Skill Card Bundle

Shining Eternal Glory Weapon Box

Royal Captain's Accessory Box

Shining Prime Royal Captain Armor Chest

Shining Prime Royal Captain Weapon Chest

Upgraded Distorted Katalium Weapon Box

[Event] Title Card Box

Transcendent Thunder Dragon King Weapon Chest             

Sophisticated Frigida Legion Weapon Box

Take a look at the quick video from TestLadyJane and be sure to grab your lucky charms and roll the dice because Shugo Sweep will be ending on May 24.

The Giving Grove


Do you have a green thumb, Daeva? If so, the Arbor Keeper and his Magic Trees could use your help. Branch out and work together as a faction to grow the Magic Trees and reap what you sow to gain fabulous prizes!


- How To Participate -

Tomorrow in the capital cities you will find three Magic Saplings and the Arbor Keeper. Speaking to the Arbor Keeper will give you a one-time quest, which provides you with a nutrient bundle. Upon opening the bundle you will be able to pick the nutrient corresponding to the sapling you wish to use it on (Robust, Shiny, and Solemn). Use the nutrient on the sapling to receive an Inferior Present and a Magic Tree Seed.

Upon obtaining 1,500 Magic Tree Seeds you can combine them to get a Fused Magic Tree Seed. You can use this seed to grow the Magic Trees to the next stage. Magic Tree Seeds are tradeable so be sure to work together to grow the trees! The player that uses the Fused Magic Seed to grow the tree will be granted the corresponding Very Special Present which contains a unique title! If the tree is already at the final stage, using a Fused Magic Seed will still grant a Present, but it will not be the same one as growing the tree.

There are three different trees, and each one has three stages. The higher a tree’s stage is, the better the reward is when you feed it nutrients. Each tree offers different rewards, so be sure to use your nutrients, or seed, on the tree you want! Additionally, all three trees will be reverted to their sapling forms after each maintenance.

If you are looking for additional nutrients, you will automatically be granted one per hour you are logged in, up to two per day. Prestige Pack holders will get a special survey once per week after the maintenance containing five nutrients. You will also be able to obtain nutrients from certain bosses in instances. 

- Locations -

Kromede's Trial

Draupnir Cave

Steel Rake Cabin

Steel Rake

Hamate Isle Storeroom

Carpus Isle Storeroom

Isle of Roots Storeroom

Grave of Steel Storeroom

Twilight Battlefield Storeroom

Indratu Fortress

Adma Stronghold

Theobomos Lab

Dark Poeta


Taloc's Hollow

Udas Temple

Lower Udas Temple

Beshmundir Temple

Aturam Sky Fortress

Padmarashka's Cave

Rentus Base

Tiamat Stronghold

Raksang Ruins

Dragon Lord's Refuge

Hidden Kysis Barracks

Hidden Miren Barracks

Hidden Krotan Barracks

Danuar Sanctuary

Ophidan Bridge

Linkgate Foundry

Sealed Danuar Mysticarium

Danuar Reliquary

Illuminary Obelisk

Seized Danuar Sanctuary

Sauro Supply Base

Infernal Danuar Reliquary

Infernal Illuminary Obelisk

Occupied Rentus Base

Drakenspire Depths

Anguished Dragon Lord's Refuge

Infinity Shard

Archives of Eternity

The Eternal Bastion

Drakenseer's Lair

Theobomos Test Chamber

Cradle of Eternity

Fallen Poeta


- Rewards -

The entire list of rewards can be found on the forums here.

Get your watering cans ready, because The Giving Grove will leaf on May 24, 2017.

Kumuki's Daring Rescue


Oh no! The prized Porguses, and Poppy, have been captured by the Kumukis! You will need to infiltrate the Kumuki Cave alone and save all the Porguses before they are turned into Porgus BBQ. Hansel and Gretel will give out prizes to Daevas for each Porgus they rescue.

- How To Participate -

In the Capital Cities you will find Gretel the Mischievous looking for the assistance of any level 46+ Daeva willing to help. She has a carriage waiting to send you to the Kumuki Cave where Hansel the Troublemaker is waiting to tell you more on how you can help.

Once inside the cave, Hansel will inform you the Porguses are being held in cages at the end of the cave. You will only have 15 minutes before it’s dinner time, so be sure to get to the end before then! Opening the gate will transform you into a Shabby Kumuki which also grants two special abilities. You can also grab a Shabby Kumuki Transformation Scroll from the Supplies Box if you need it.

Fear Grenade
Causes the target to be feared and disappear.

Stink Bomb
Causes a group of Kumukis to be temporarily paralyzed.

You will need to use these abilities to progress through the cave in a stealthy manner avoiding the vision the Kumukis have. Also available are objects you can use to blend in so you won’t be detected. If you aren’t careful and get detected too many times, the butcher will be sure to kill the Porguses before you get there.

As you make your way through the cave, you will need to keep an eye out for four Key Chests, which contain the keys required to save the Porguses. Also hidden in the cave is a Suspicious Box which has the key to open the Kumuki Crate at the end.

Looking for a bit of experience while saving the Porguses? Three Nutritious Ginseng can be found in the cave, killing them will grant EXP so be sure to kill them if you have time! You can also choose to let the helpless Porguses die and kill the Kumukis for additional EXP.

For each Porgus you save you will earn one Hansel’s Gift Bundle (but only if you talk to them after opening the cage door), and an additional one if you open the Kumuki Crate. On the store you will be able to find tradeable Golden Kumuki Chest Keys which you can use to open the Golden Kumuki Chests for even more fabulous prizes.

- Rewards -

For the full list of rewards, please visit the forums here.

Be fast! Hansel and Gretel will need to return home in three weeks with or without the Porguses. Kumuki’s Daring Rescue runs from April 19 to May 10.

Bonus EXP and Drop Rate REWIND


Are you experiencing deja vu? You must be, because there will be two more bonus EXP and drop weekends! These weekends will be a repeat of the ones we just had, so look below for the full details:


Weekend #1 +200% EXP & +50% DROP Rate Bonus

  • 12 AM Server Time Friday, April 14 to 11:59 PM Server Time Sunday, April 16


Weekend #2 +100% EXP & +50% DROP Rate Bonus

  • 12 AM Server Time Friday, April 21 to 11:59 PM Server Time Sunday, April 23


See you in game!

Rainbow Snake Festival 2017


Hiss Chromatic Brilliance, Rainbow Snake, has returned, and in the capital cities, Rainbow Snake disciples have gathered to extol the virtues of the Rainbow Path. During the next five weeks, Hiss disciples will offer buffs and gifts to all Daevas who would bask in Hiss prismatic beauty.

- How To Participate -

Blessing of the Prismatic Serpent

During the festival period, every Wednesday after the maintenance, Hebi Rumin will offer you an [Event] Rainbow Gift. The bundle offers one 1-Day costume for Rainbow Snake, Spotted Snake or Turquoise Snake. Wearing Hiss robes will bring you one step closer to the Rainbow One.



For the Glory of Rainbow Snake

Rainbow Snake is known for Hiss benevolence. Stay logged into the game and every hour you’re on, you’ll receive a scale from Hiss Chromatic Brilliance. There are three different scale colors, all acquirable by simply playing the game. After the first hour, you’ll receive the Blue Scale; the second hour, a Yellow Scale; and the third hour, a Red Scale. Right-click any of these scales to combine into the Brilliant Scale. You can exchange the Brilliant Scale with Baem Rumin for an [Event] Chromatic Gift.

Note: These scales are only available for level 30+.


*[Event] Blue Scale

Received after logged in the game for the first hour


*[Event] Yellow Scale

Received after logged in the game for the second hour


*[Event] Red Scale

Received after logged in the game for the third hour


*[Event] Bright Scale

Created after combining the three color scales



Scales can be acquired once per day with its daily reset at 9 AM server time. Additional scales can be picked up on the store.


Hiss Chromatic Gaze

Rainbow Snake has spoken to Hiss disciples Ahas Rumin and Serpente Rumin to buff Daevas during the festival. The disciples will work in shifts providing 2-hour buffs to all those who speak with them.





Serpente Rumin

*Increase item drop rate by 50%

*Increase gathering, extraction, & aethertapping by 100%

March 29 to April 19

Ahas Rumin

*Increase crafting by 100%

*Increase AP gain by 50%

April 19 to May 3



- Location -

All Rainbow Snake disciples are located in the capital cities near Temple of Gold or Hall of Prosperity.


- Rewards -

When you trade in the Bright Scale to Baem Rumin, she will give you an [Event] Chromatic Gift. Open the gift to randomly acquire one of the following:


Dye: True Black

Dye: True White

Spotted Snake Costume

Rainbow Snake 

Turquoise Snake Costume

Tempering Solution

Rainbow Dye Pack II

Fragmented Spinel (x250)

Abyssal Star (x1)

Abyssal Star (x3)

Berdin's Lucky Star (x1)

Berdin's Lucky Star (x3)

Skill Boost Reassignment Scroll

Ancient Coin (x30)

Blood Mark (x5)

Blood Medal (x5)

Essence Core

Red Natural Magic Stone

Blue Natural Magic Stone

Green Natural Magic Stone

Purple Natural Magic Stone

Omega Enchantment Stone

Enchantment Stone

Upgraded Healing Potion (x10)

Vital Recovery Serum (x10)

Vital Recovery Potion (x10)

Tiamat's Glimmering Wings

Rainbow Big Wig

Berdin's 100% XP Amulet V

[Event] Elite Composite Manastone Bundle


Rainbow Snake Festival ends on May 3, 2017. Visit the Rainbow Snake disciples in game now to learn more about Hiss Chromatic Brilliance. May Rainbow Snake watch over you.


Eggstravaganza 2017


Cluckers Bigington has once again waddled her way to Atreia. She will need the kindest and most caring Daevas to help her with this year's egg hatchings. If Daevas prove to be suitable egg-hatchers, Cluckers Bigington will reward you with fabulous prizes!

- Event Information -

Duration: March 29, 2017 to April 19, 2017

Required Level: 40+

Locations: Sanctum & Pandaemonium

- How To Participate - 

  1. Visit Cluckers Bigington daily to receive 10 eggs and earn Warmth of Life by staying logged in or by defeating instance bosses.
  2. Use the appropriate level of Warmth of Life with an egg to incubate it and receive the Non-Cooling version of that egg. When opened, the Non-Cooling Egg will either reward the next level of Cooling Egg or Warmth of Life.
  3. Continue this process all the way to the highest level of egg, the Hatching Egg. 
  4. The Hatching Egg will reward a prize!

- Locations - 

Cluckers Bigington can be found in Pandaemonium and Sanctum. 

Warmth of Life can be acquired by being logged or by defeating instance bosses. For the first hour logged in you'll receive 10 Warmth of Life and after being logged in for two hours you'll receive 15 Warmth Of Life.


The following instances will also reward Warmth of Life:

Linkgate Foundry

Sealed Danuar Mysticarium

Danuar Reliquary

Illuminary Obelisk

Danuary Sanctuary

Sauro Supply Base

Infernal Danuar Reliquary                                    

Occupied Rentus Base

Drakenspire Depths

Anguished Dragon Lord's Refuge

Infinity Shard

The Eternal Bastion

Adma's Fall

Theobomos Test Chamber

Drakenseer's Lair

Cradle of Eternity

Fallen Poeta

Archives of Eternity


- Rewards - 

Sucessfully raising a Hatching Egg can reward one of these prizes:

Spirit Stone of Eternity (x5)

Enchantment Stone Dust (x500)

Fragmented Spinel (x250)

Level Reduction Stone

Abyssal Star (x5)

Berdin's Lucky Star (x1)

Berdin's Lucky Star (x10)

Skill Boost Reassignment Scroll

Ancient Coin (x30)

Blood Mark (x10)

Blood Medal (x10)

Tempering Solution

Omega Enchantment Stone

Enchantment Stone

Manastone: Accuracy +29 (x25)

Manastone: Magical Accuracy +16 (x25)

Manastone: Resist Magic +16 (x25)

Manastone: Magic Boost +28 (x25)

Manastone: Attack +5 (x25)

Manastone: Crit Strike +19 (x25)

Spinel Medal (x3)

Major Ancient Crown (x3)

Lightning God's Satgat

Lightning God's Raiment

[Event] Elite Composite Manastone Bundle                

Apollon Weapon Box

Major Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic)

Tike Manastone Bundle: +6

Tike Manastone Bundle: +9

Stigma Sack

Large Greater Supplements Bag (Mythic) (x2)



Cluckers Bigington will leave with her eggs on April 19, 2017. 

Omega Unbound Enchantment Bonus EXP Weekends


For taking on the challenge of the Omega Unbound Enchantment event, we present your final reward for using over 60,000 Omega Enchantment Stones across the servers. For the next two weekends, please enjoy the bonus EXP and DROP events.


Weekend #1 - 200% EXP + 50% DROP Rate Bonus

  • 12 AM Server Time Friday, March 24 to 11:59 PM Server Time Sunday, March 26


Weekend #2 - 100% EXP + 50% DROP Rate Bonus

  • 12 AM Server Time Friday, March 31 to 11:59 PM Server Time Sunday, April 2


See you in game!


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