Broken Hearts Event 2017


No Daeva should spend this time of the year with a broken heart. Venture out and collect heart pices from instances to spell LOVE. Combining these pieces will give you a Mended Heart which yields lovely prizes! Heart pieces are also tradeable so you can even give them to someone special!


Instance monsters will have a chance to drop Broken Heart Boxes. These boxes will give you a random heart piece, with the Broken Heart: E being slightly rarer. Combine the four required pieces to spell LOVE and create the Mended Heart. Open the Heart for a random reward.

Broken Heart Boxes and the Broken Heart: E are available on the store. You can also purchase one Broken Heart Box every day during the event for 1 NCoin.


Mobs from the following instance will have a chance to drop Broken Heart Boxes.

Rentus Base

Tiamat Stronghold

Raksang Ruins

Dragon Lord's Refuge

Hidden Kysis Barracks

Hidden Miren Barracks

Hidden Krotan 

Danuar Sanctuary

Ophidan Bridge

Linkgate Foundry

Sealed Danuar Mysticarium

Danuar Reliquary

Illuminary Obelisk

Seized Danuar Sanctuary

Sauro Supply Base

Infernal Danuar Reliquary

Infernal Illuminary Obelisk

Occupied Rentus Base

Drakenspire Depths

Anguished Dragon Lord's Refuge

Infinity Shard

The Eternal Bastion

Archives of Eternity

Drakenseer's Lair

Adma's Fall                                              

Theobomos Test Chamber

Cradle of Eternity

Fallen Poeta

Fissure of Oblivion




Collect and combine the four heart pieces from the Broken Heart Boxes to make a Mended Heart. Open the Mended Heart for one of the the following prizes:

Enchantment Stone Dust (x500)

Plastic Surgery Ticket

Level Reduction Stone

Berdin's Lucky Star

Skill Boost Reassignment Scroll

Ancient Coin (x20)

Blood Mark (x10)

Blood Medal x10

Tempering Solution

Omega Enchantment Stone

Upgraded Blessed Recovery Serum Bundle                

Major Ancient Crown

Harehood Costume

Enamored Tiger Transformation Candy Box

Major Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic)

+6 Manastone Bundle

[Event] Daevanion Armor Box

[Event] Daevanion Weapon Box

Stigma Sack

Large Greater Supplements Bag (Eternal) (x2)

Large Greater Supplements Bag (Mythic) (x2)



Repair these broken hearts today and take home some prizes. Event begins after maintenance on February 1 and ends February 15, 2017.

Omega Unbound Enchantment


The Omega Enchantment Stone is a powerful enchantment stone enhanced by the Emperian Lords for Daevas. With this item, Daevas can make themselves stronger for battle. With all Daevas working together, fabulous prizes can be unlocked for everyone in Omega Unbound Enchantment.

During this promotion, all Omega Enchantment Stones (Tradeable, Untradeable, and Event) that are used, regardless of success or fail, by all players will be added up and goals will unlock special prizes for everyone in the game. There will also be a special setting on all servers to make enchanting easier! This setting will make enchanting from 10-15 drop one enchantment level instead of dropping to +10. This setting does not apply to accessories and Archdaeva equipment.

The progress will be updated daily on the forums to show the community how much progress has been made. Rewards for reaching a goal will be sent out the next business day via survey to all players. When an XP/Drop Boost weekend is unlocked, we will announce the event weekend ahead of time to provide ample time for players to prepare.



20 Luna


Choose any two:

  • Fissure of Oblivion Entry Scroll
  • Idgel Dome Landmark Bonus Sntry Scroll
  • Ophidan Warpath Bonus Entry Scroll
  • Fallen Poeta Bonus Entry Scroll
  • Ashunatal Dredgion Bonus Entry Scroll
  • Drakenseer's Lair Bonus Entry Scroll
  • Theobomos Test Chamber Bonus Entry Scroll
  • Adma's Fall Bonus Entry Scroll
  • Archives of Eternity Bonus Entry Scroll


[Event] Level Reduction Stone


[Event] Berdin's 100% XP Amulet V x5


[Event] Tempering Solution


Blazing Blue Ayas (30 Days)



  • [Title Card] Aion's Chosen (30 Days)
  • [Title] Glorious Number One (30 Days)


Special +4 Manastone Bundle x2


2x XP Weekend


2x XP  + 50% Drop Rate Weekend (replaces previous prize)


3x XP  + 50% Drop Rate Weekend (replaces previous prize)


2x XP Weekend #2


2x XP  + 50% Drop Rate Weekend #2 (replaces previous prize)


3x XP  + 50% Drop Rate Weekend #2 (replaces previous prize)


2x XP Weekend #3


2x XP  + 50% Drop Rate Weekend #3 (replaces previous prize)


3x XP  + 50% Drop Rate Weekend #3 (replaces previous prize)


2x XP Weekend #4


2x XP  + 50% Drop Rate Weekend #4 (replaces previous prize)


3x XP  + 50% Drop Rate Weekend #4 (replaces previous prize)


Additionally the top five individual players from each server that use the most Omega Enchantment Stones will also receive these bonus rewards:




Lightspeed Ironfang Mount
Choice of +9 Manastone
Phoenix Wing Skin


Choice of +8 Manastone
Phoenix Wing Skin


Phoenix Wing Skin

For a limited time, Omega Enchantment Stones will be sold in the store in bundles of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50. The Omega Unbound Enchantment event runs from January 25 to March 1. 

Joker's Wild 2017


Winner winner, chicken dinner! Put your poker face on and stack those chips because it is once again time for Joker's Wild! Collect heart and spade cards to obtain a prestigeous Tournament Key that yields amazing prizes!

Part 1: Building your Hand

Log in daily until Febuary 1, 2017 and pick up an [Event] Clubs Card Pack and an [Event] Hearts Card Pack by talking to event NPC, Pierodan. Opening any one of these packs will give you (1) random Hearts or Clubs card. All event NPCs are located in the capital cities of Pandaemonium and Sanctum. A bundle can also be purchased from the store for one NCoin daily! The bundle will contain three Hearts and three Clubs.

Certain instance bosses will also drop (1) [Event] Clubs Card Pack and (1) [Event] Hearts Card Pack.


*Rentus Base

*Tiamat Stronghold

*Raksang Ruins

*Dragon Lord's Refuge

*Hidden Kysis Barracks

*Hidden Miren Barracks

*Hidden Krotan Barracks

*Danuar Sanctuary

*Ophidan Bridge

*Linkgate Foundry

*Sealed Danuar Mysticarium

*Danuar Reliquary

*Illuminary Obelisk

*Seized Danuar Sanctuary

*Sauro Supply Base

*Infernal Danuar Reliquary

*Infernal Illuminary Obelisk

*Occupied Rentus Base

*Drakenspire Depths

*Anguished Dragon Lord's Refuge

*Infinity Shard

*The Eternal Bastion

*Archives of Eternity

*Drakenseer's Lair

*Adma's Fall

*Theobomos Test Chamber

*Cradle of Eternity

*Fallen Poeta

Icon Icon

Part 2: Lucky Number 7

The 7 of Hearts card can be used in a pair with a Red Joker card in exchange for a tournament key. You can also combine lower number Hearts cards that add up to seven to create a 7 of Hearts card.


Part 3: Royal Straight

Combine the 10 of Clubs, Jack of Clubs, Queen of Clubs, King of Clubs, and the Ace of Clubs to create an [Event] Royal Straight card. This card can then be combined with a Black Joker card for a tournament key.


Part 4: Jokers are Wild

[Event] Black Joker and [Event] Red Joker cards are required in your hand when you show the cards to the House in exchange for a tournament key. Joker cards can be purchased from our store or exchanged with 8 and 9 of Hearts/Clubs for either Joker cards with event NPC, Tuperunerk. Other cards can also be exchanged for Joker cards from the other event NPCs.

Icon Icon

Part 5: Bluffs Away

If you have any Hearts or Clubs cards you don't plan on using, you can use the item as a buff. Double-click the card you don't plan on keeping or trading to use the appropriate buff listed. The card buffs do not stack and will override your current buff should you use another card buff.



Required Card(s)



*Luck of the Draw


♥7 ,♣Royal Straight, ♥Joker, ♣Joker


Increase item drop rate by 10%

*Shuffle & Deal


♥8, ♥9, ♥10, ♥J, ♥Q, ♥K


Increase Cast Speed by 2%, Magic Boost +20

*Strong Hand


♣3, ♣4, ♣5, ♣6, ♣7, ♣8, ♣9


Increase Attack Speed by 2%, Crit Strike + 20


- Rewards -

Collect your tournament keys by completing the event quests provided by the event NPCs. You can then use the keys to open tournament chests located in Pandaemonium and Sanctum. Opening a tournament chest will give you one or more of the following prizes:


*Feline Hood

*[Event] Red Joker

*[Event] Black Joker

*Berdin's Lucky Star

*Level Reduction Stone

*Enchantment Stone

*Omega Enchantment Stone

*Tempering Solution

*Skill Boost Reassignment Scroll

*Broken Crystal Ball

*Major Ancient Crown (x3)

*Blood Mark (x10)

*Ancient Coin (x30)

*Blood Medal (x2)

*Blood Medal (x6)

*Blood Medal (x10)

*Large Greater Supplements Bag (Mythic) (x2)

*Stigma Sack

*[Event] Elite Composite Manastone Bundle

*Major Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic)

*Strengthened Desert Fox Transformation Candy Box (x3)

*Tike Manastone Bundle: +3

*Tike Manastone Bundle: +6

*Tike Manastone Bundle: +9

*Boundless Weapon Box of Hope

*Boundless Armor Box of Hope

*Boundless Accessory Box of Hope

*Boundless Hairpin box of Hope

*Enchantment Stone Dust (x500)

*Wind Kirrus

Get the best hand you can because Joker's Wild ends February 1, 2017.

Solorius Festival Bonus EXP Event

Put down your glass of eggnog and enjoy the gift of bonus EXP this Holiday Season. Enjoy 100% additional EXP starting on Saturday, December 24 to Sunday, January 1. Level a new alt, grind out some levels, or collect extra Snowballs from instances because Fast-Track, Standard, Panesterra, and Instance servers will benefit from the bonus EXP boost.

Bonus EXP event started at 12 AM server time Saturday, December 24 and ends 11:59 PM server time Sunday, January 1.

Happy Solorius Festival Daevas!

Frozen Magic Event 2016


Winter is still here in Atreia, and that means there are still many snowballs to be made. What kind of snowballs you may be wondering? Well, Frosterinerk says Aetherized snow make the best snowballs, capable of yielding fabulous prizes. So take a break from making snow-angels and drinking hot chocolate to see how great you can make your snowballs!


- Part One: Frosterinerk's Gift (Level 30+) -

In the capital cities, talk to Frosterinerk daily to get Snowballs. To cultivate the aetherized Snowballs, right-click or double-click on the Snowball to enchant it to the next level. Enchant the snowball up to +10 to make the Brilliant Snowball. When you open the Brilliant Snowball you will get (1) Icy Shard and (1) Brilliant Fragment. Combine these items to get a Brilliant Ice Prism, which offers a random high value prize. If the snowball explodes at any point before +10, random prizes will automatically be redeemed into your inventory.

Two Snowballs can be collected daily from Frosterinerk and an additional one Snowball for every 30 minutes you are logged in up to six. In total this allows you to get eight free Snowballs per character per day! Additionally, once per account per day you can pick up a bundle of five Snowballs from the store for 1 NCoin. If you need more Snowballs, bosses from these instances have a chance to drop them as well as well as being able to be purchased from the store.

Snowballs with enchantment levels 4 and above have a chance to give an Icy Shard (+10 Snowballs will always give an Icy Shard as noted above), which can be combined with a Brilliant Fragment, also available on the store, to create the Brilliance Ice Prism.








- Part Two: Snowflake Crystals (Level 30+) -

If you use up all of your Snowballs from Frosterinerk, Wintrinerk will be more than happy to trade you a +1 Snowball for (10) Snowflake Crystals. Snowflake Crystals can only be acquired after a snowball explodes after attempting to enchant it.


- Part Three: Joyful Bundle (Level 30+) -

While Freeziman contemplates his existence as a talking snowman, he offers you a Joyful Bundle that you can pick up from him daily. Open the bundle to receive (1) [Event] Dye Bundle and (1) random buff scroll. Various types of buff scrolls can be acquired with many offering effects to all party members. If you have friends or Legion mates within similar levels and they have differing scrolls, try to group together to share the effects!


- Rewards -

Brilliant Ice Prism contains one of the following items:

*Plastic Surgery Ticket

*Level Reduction Stone

*Berdin's Lucky Star (x5)

*Skill Boost Reassignment Scroll

*Cute Chic Wings

*Tempering Solution

*Omega Enchantment Stone

*Enchantment Stone (x5)

*Netherworld Daeva Wings

*Crafting Boost Charm II - 500%

*Major Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic)

*+6 Manastone Bundle

*[Event] Armor Box of the Full Moon

*[Event] Weapon Box of the Full Moon

*Brilliant Fire Dragon King's Weapon Box

*Brilliant Water Dragon King's Weapon Box

*Stigma Sack


Noble Melted bundle contains one of the following items:

*Plastic Surgery Ticket

*Berdin's Lucky Star

*Blood Medal (x20)

*Tempering Solution

*Omega Enchantment Stone

*Enchantment Stone (x2)

*Crafting Boost Charm II - 500%

*[Event] Snowflake Crystal

*Stigma Sack

*Blood Mark (x20)

Joyful Bundle contains one of the following items:

*AP Boost Charm - 30%

*Crafting Boost Charm - 200%

*Frosterinerk's Special Amulet - 20%

*Gathering Boost Charm - 200%

*[Event] Solorius Spirit

*Frosterinerk's Amulet

*[Event] Dye Bundle



Event ends January 11, 2017. Aetherize as many Snowballs as you can, Daevas!


Solorius Toy Festival 2016


Giftrunerk is the greatest toy maker in all of Atreia, but he needs your help to finish making the toys in time! Help him gather pieces to assemble his toy robot and be rewarded with prizes! Giftrunerk has also brought along his favorite teddy bear, the Snuggle Crusher 9000 Plushie, as well the Festive Bonus Machine. All Daevas level 60+ can assist Giftrunerk in making the best gifts of all time!

Assembling Giftrunerk's Robot

Part One: Gathering Toy Robo-Shugo Pieces

From November 30 to December 14, speak to Chillrunerk daily to receive five Giftrunerk's Capsules and disassemble them to reveal one part of Giftrunerk's Toy Robo-Shugo or other rewards. In order to assemble the Robo-Shugo, you'll need 3 parts - Toy Head, Toy Legs, and Toy Body.

toyhead.png    toybody.png    toylegs.png

You can find more robot parts in Giftrunerk's Parts Boxes by hunting instance bosses or by gathering Solorius Capsules. Once you have all the needed parts assemble them to create Giftrunerk's Robo-Shugo, which has a chance to reward one of the following:

Plastic Surgery Ticket

Berdin's Lucky Star (x2)

Dye: True Black (x4)

Dye: True White (x4)

Omega Enchantment Stone

Enchantment Stone (x2)

Engine Wings

[Event] Tempering Solution

Blood Medal Bundle (x8)

[Event] Lucky Scroll Pouch (x6)

[Event] Heroic Godstone Bundle I (x2)

[Event] Superior Manastone Bundle (x4)

+6 Manastone Bundle

[Event] Small Ancient Coin Bundle (x6)

Stigma Bundle

[Event] Blood Mark Box (x4)


Part Two: Gathering Toy Power Cells

While looking for Giftrunerk's Toy Robo-Shugo pieces, you'll also come across Toy Power Cells, which can be found by hunting instance bosses and from gathering Solorius Capsules.


Once you've collected 5 Toy Power Cells, take them to Holyrinerk to receive a Glimmering Solorius Present Box, which can contain one of the below:

Plastic Surgery Ticket

Level Reduction Stone

Christmas Candle Clothes

Christmas Tree Clothes

Skill Boost Reassignment Scroll

Phoenix Wing Skin

Tempering Solution (x1)

Tempering Solution (x3)

Tempering Solution (x5)

Omega Enchantment Stone

Frozen Ornament

Frozen Aristocracy

Major Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic)

+6 Manastone Bundle

[Event] Daevanion Armor Box

[Event] Daevanion Weapon Box

Major Stigma Bundle

Stigma Bundle


Giftrunerk's Capsule also has a chance to give a Plain Solorius Present Box, which contains one of the below:

Phantom Tiger's Stone

Funshroom's Stone (x2)

Enchantment Stone Dust (x500)

Plastic Surgery Ticket

Blood Mark (x10)

[Event] Saam King's Herbs Bundle (x9)

[Event] Ancient Coin Bundle

[Event] Manastone Bundle

[Event] Blood Mark Box

Large Greater Supplements Bag (Mythic) (x3)


Snuggle Crusher 9000 Plushie

The Snuggle Crusher 9000 Plushie is available in all of the major cities to grant a 10% item drop rate buff. Just walk up and get snuggled! Players below level 60 can receive the buff!


Solorius Pass

Giftrunerk's Capsules also have a chance to drop Solorius Passes. If you're lucky enough to get one of these rare items take it to the Festive Bonus Machine which will reward either a Toy Robo-Shugo Part or a Toy Power Cell.

bonus machine.png

Be sure to turn in all of your Toy Robo-Shugo pieces, and snuggle with bear as much as possible because the event ends December 14!

Updated: Bonus EXP Holiday Weekend

From Thursday, November 24 to Tuesday, November 29 enjoy a Bonus EXP event in between meals and Black Friday shopping! Grind out a few levels or level up a new alt because Fast-Track, Standard, Panesterra, and Instance servers will benefit from the bonus EXP boost. 

Bonus EXP event started at 10:15 AM server time Thursday, November 24 and ends 11:59 PM server time Tuesday, November 29.


See you in game!


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