Decorate Your Space contest!

Greetings Daevas!

With player housing introduced in Ascension™, and the current set of housing auctions coming to an end, many of you now have your very own place to call your own in Atreia! Whether you have a lavish mansion or a cozy studio, let your inner interior designer take over and participate in the Decorate your space contest!

All Daevas of level 20 and above are eligible to participate and show off their decorating skills from Friday May 11th to 11:59 PM CDT, Friday May 18th. We'll choose the top three best-decorated homes, and award the winners special 60-day, two-drawer cabinets! (Each drawer has 9 slots of storage space!)

Submit up to three screenshots of your space here, or if you would prefer, e-mail them to Be creative, but no photo-manipulation is allowed!

Good luck, decorators!

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The Broken Alliance Event: rifting and rewards from 5/2 to 5/16!

To face the growing Balaur threat, Elyos and Asmodians were forced into a shaky alliance. Now, as the reluctant allies travel further into Balaur territory, their uneasy truce breaks and Elyos and Asmodians find themselves at each others' throats!

A Broken Alliance is a two-week long event from Wednesday, May 2, to Wednesday, May 16. Here's what Daevas can look forward to:

Rifting Event!

Every day during A Broken Alliance, all rifting portals will open from 6pm to 10pm Central Time in Beluslan and Heiron! Fight to your heart's content as faction protection buffs in Morheim, Beluslan, Eltnen, and Heiron are lifted (rifts will spawn naturally in Morheim and Eltnen); but be aware the slayer system will be in effect on all servers!

Daily, weekly, and special rewards!

Support your faction on the battlefield and receive a daily survey reward: a Half Rabbit Shugo Form Candy, which increases your speed and strike and spell resistance! Kill at least one enemy each week and receive a weekly [Event] Small Chaos Candy Box! You'll want to be active on the battlefield, because the 100th, 200th, and 300th players on each faction who qualify will each receive a very special Cirruspeed mount!

Legendary Raid Monster spawn!

Each Sunday during the Broken Alliance Event legendary monsters Ragnarok and Omega will spawn in Belusran and Heiron, respectively! Ragnarok spawns for Asmodians at 7pm Central; Omega spawns for Elyos at 9pm Central!

Outbreak of War Starts Tomorrow!

Greetings Daevas!

Starting tomorrow grab your potions and scrolls and get ready for the Outbreak of War event!
From April 11 to April 25, players can wage war more often with reduced cooldowns for ten of the most popular instances, including Esoterrace and Udas!

Be sure to look forward to the weekends of April 13 and April 20, when kinah, item drops, AP (PvE), and crafting XP will be boosted 20%! Durring these weekends will be an ideal time to race to that new level cap of 60 and try out the new instances to get some of that new gear!

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Announcing Fool's Day Event!

Greetings Daevas!

Fool's Day is here again, and chaos reigns among the monsters. Named bosses have escaped from various instances, and are running amok! Fortunately, they don't seem to be up to their normal strength, so it's up to you resourceful Daevas to make sure they don't get too far out of control.

You might even get a thing or two out of it—but be warned: it's a bad idea to trust something you found on Fool's Day…

Click the image to see the full details!

Fool's Day runs from Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 to Wednesday April 4th, 2012.

When monsters start appearing outside of the instances they're normally safely trapped in, you know something's wrong. When they turn out to be carrying fantastic weaponry, be suspicious indeed. Time to check the date. Oh, yes—must be Fool's Day!

Santanyerk's Solorius begins today!

All good little Daevas have probably noticed that Shulacks snuck in during maintenance last week and upgraded the capital cities with festive decorations, nyerk. Today, you get to celebrate the beginning of the Solorius, the most joyful time of the year. It's also the best time to get and give gifts, akakak!

Daevas that have been leveling, crafting, and gathering will get special presents! The Adventurer's Guide continues to deliver helpful gifts for leveling. And more double experience weekends are coming for the holiday to make the fur fl—er, fearless ones much more powerful!

The winter event is also in your claws—well, in crab claws! During Crab Fest, you can help capture crabs for holiday rewards that are sure to warm up your Solorius nights, nyerk! Read all the delicious details on the Solorius Events page.

Spread some holiday cheer by decimating your enemies with a Solorius Tree Greatsword or Solorius Wreath Orb ornament, akakak! New winter holiday weapon skins are for sale in the Aion store starting today. They're only available through January 11, 2012, so enjoy them while Santanyerk is here!

Shugo Event Showcase - November 2011

Hi, Dillimayznyerk here for the Black Cloud Trading Network. Today, I'm giving you the hottest deals for all Atreia. Count on the BCSN for amazing adventuring deals, nyerk!

Shugo Event Showcase

  • Play Every Day Deals
    • (2 Hrs/Day) Nov. 16 thru Nov. 23
    • (4 Hrs/Day) Nov. 23 thru Nov. 30
    • (6 Hrs/Day) Nov. 30 thru Dec. 07
  • Daru Days
    • Nov. 23 thru Nov. 30
  • Cyber Monday
    • Nov. 28 (One Day Only!)

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Harvest Revel October 26th, 2011

Greetings, Daevas!

An autumnal chill is in the air, so head to Sanctum and Pandaemonium for the Harvest Revel! A smooth glass of pumpkin ale will surely keep the cold at bay for a little while longer.

Mysterious witches have been spotted in town, but don't worry—we're about 73% sure they're harmless. In fact, they might even have tasks for Daevas with a little time on their hands. Funny, nobody seems to have seen the Pumpkin King around this year. Wonder why that is…?

The Harvest Revel runs from Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 to Wednesday, November 9th, 2011, and is a celebration of spooky fun. Last year, the Pumpkin King's plans were thwarted by a gang of cheeky Sugarcrooks, and this year old pumpkinhead is nowhere to be seen. But we're sure the witches in Sanctum and Pandaemonium can have nothing to do with that. And we're equally sure that they have only the best, most noble reasons for having you collect souls on their behalf.

-The Aion Community Team


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