Rainbow Snake In-Game Costume Party Event

All Hail the Rainbow One! As part of the Harvest Revel festivities, the Aion team is throwing a costume party featuring the chromatic brilliance, Rainbow Snake! Put on your scariest, funniest, or silliest costume and meet up with your fellow Daevas for some spooky stories with the Aion team.

- Date & Time -

  • October 31, 2013
  • Siel & Israphel – 2:00 to 3:00 PM Pacific
  • Tiamat & Kahrun – 4:30 to 5:30 PM Pacific

-Where -

If you don’t have a costume, swing by anyways! We’ll be offering 6-hour Jack-O-Lantern hats via survey at Pernon and Oriel around the time of the event for the costume-devoid Daevas.

See you in game then!


Nightmare Circus


Nightmare Lord Heiramune has kidnapped the Queen of Dreams, Yume! Currently in the realm of dreams, Heiramune plans to use Yume’s powers to manifest dreams into a reality so his Nightmare Circus can invade Atreia. Help save Yume and unlock treasures at the Nightmare Circus!

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Aion Harvest Revel Pumpkin Carving Contest 2013


While the Harvest Revel spirit hasn’t arrived in Ateria yet, we’re getting the spooky spirit started with our first ever pumpkin carving contest! The top three winning entries we choose will each receive (1) permanent not yet available pet, a Harvest Saam!

- How to Participate -

  1. Carve one pumpkin with an Aion theme. It can be anything related to Aion and please keep it appropriate.
  2. Take a picture of your carving with a hand-written or computer-generated note wishing Aion a “Happy Harvest Revel!” along with your character name and server.
  3. Email your submission to aion_community[at] with the email subject “Aion Harvest Revel Pumpkin Carving.” In the email body, please include your character name and server.
  4. The picture must not be edited or altered in any way and any submissions deemed plagiarized will be disqualified from the event.

The three carvings that show the most creativity, originality, or that best represent Aion will win (1) Harvest Saam pet. The Harvest Saam pet has 30-storage slots and will alert its owner of nearby enemies.


Event ends on October 31, 2013. Please click here for full contest rules.


Best of luck, Daevas! We’re looking forward to your submissions.


Brax Cafe


The Brax Café is open for business! For two weeks only, the café is giving out samples of their food to all patrons. Come in everyday from October 9 through the 23rd and dine free!

Click here for more information.

Daeva's Day Event


The month-long anniversary celebration is heating up for Aion! We first kicked off with the Alchemist Event, and next up is the Daeva’s Day Event. A celebration isn’t complete without cake!


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The Aion Team In-Game Anniversary Event

We’re having quite a busy month celebrating Aion’s 4th Anniversary. We hope you had some time to enjoy the Alchemist Event, which just wrapped up. And, of course, today starts the ever-popular Daeva’s Day.

But be sure to take time from your cake hunting, feather gathering, and general merry-making to join us for a very special in-game GM event. It’s a little something we like to call “Cake and Monsters.”

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Leave Your Legacy: Aethertech


We’ve already revealed the Aethertech as Aion’s next new class, but before it makes its way over to the North American servers, we need YOU to design it!

From Wednesday, September 11 to Wednesday, September 25, 2013, players can submit their original concept art for an Aethertech mechanical suit. We’ll choose the best designs to submit to the development team and if chosen, your design could be immortalized in Aion!  This is a design submission, so even if you can't draw all that well, if you have a great idea we want to see it! Creativity, innovation, and uniqueness are what we're looking for!

Remember, this is not a contest! There are no physical or digital prizes. If your submission is chosen, you will get official recognition that your artwork has been incorporated into the game, and you will be given the chance to participate in the naming process of your design once the 4.5 update lauches!

Click here for more details.


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