Mega Kinah Millions Returns!


This 4-week-long event gives Daevas the chance to win hundreds of millions of Kinah each week.  The Atreian Fortune Commission estimates that over 10 Billion Kinah will be awarded to lucky Daevas each week during this event, so pick up your tickets every day!

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Code Red: Atreia


With the Balaur threat on the rise, Daevas need all the help they can get to prepare and heal for the battles ahead.

Medical camps with doctors and nurses have been dispatched across all of Atreia and will remain until June 26. Visit one of these camps to get buffs, potions, scrolls and stigma shards to assist you in your daily battles.

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[Update] Return of the Shugo Kingdom Adventure


The Shugo Kingdom Adventure returns to Atreia! For three weeks from May 22 to June 19, transform into a Shugo with special skills to defend the Shugo Imperial Tomb to earn Stormwing equipment, Mithril Medals, valuable Abyss Relics, and even a time-limited pet that can give L60 Composite Manastones!

What are you waiting for? Click here for the full event details. If you're looking for strategy and tips from veteran tomb runners, visit our forums here.

Guardian General Showdown: Additional Spawns

With only one week left in the Guardian General Showdown event, we are introducing additional spawns for each faction in Inggison and Gelkmaros! This is another opportunity to take down the rival faction Guardian General and reap the rewards!

Every other evening until the event ends, a Guardian General will spawn for the opposing faction to defeat in their respective territory. These are additional opportunities to gain loot – the Guardian Generals in Jotun Square will continue to spawn every 12 hours following the previous battle.

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[Updated] Guardian General Showdown


For a limited time from May 8 to May 22, compete in the premiere of the Guardian General Showdown to earn Abyss Points, Mithril Medals, Major Ancient Crowns, and Special Manastone Boxes! This is a PvPvE event. Not only do you have to take down the opposing faction’s Guardian General, you must defend your own Guardian General from attacks. Take up your weapons and head over to Jotun Square in Silentera Canyon!

- Objective -
Elyos Guardian General Furious Dux and Asmodian Guardian General Furious Stalari will appear at Jotun Square in Silentera Canyon. Defeat the rival Guardian General while protecting yours. The first faction to take down the opposing Guardian General wins.

- Time -
The Guardian Generals will appear after the May 8 maintenance and subsequently spawn every 12 hours from when they are defeated. .

- Location -
Jotun Square in Silentera Canyon


- Rewards -
Of the winning faction, each participant of the group, league, or alliance that does the most damage will get (1) Guardian General Treasure Chest. Team up to ensure all participants get the chest.

General Chest.gif

The Guardian General Treasure Chest contains the following items:

Mithril Medal.gif Special Manastone II.gif Ancient Crown.gif

(1) Mithril Medal that will be immediately placed in your Special Cube after opening.

(1) Special Manastone Box II that has a chance to give you a Composite Manastone.

(1) Major Ancient Crown that can be traded in for Abyss Points.


In addition, all participants of both winning and losing factions will receive (1) Mithril Medal for participating. The Mithril Medal will be delivered by survey and only during the evening (Central time) spawn of the Guardian Generals.

Shugo Kingdom Adventure!


Our Shugo Kingdom Adventure begins today! From March 6-27, enjoy the Shugo Imperial Tomb instance, where you can earn Stormwing weapons and armor, Mithril Medals, valuable Abyss Relics, and even a time-limited pet that can give L60 Composite Manastones.

Read all about the adventures you can have here!

Want to run the instance more often? You can find instance cooldown scrolls in the Black Cloud Marketplace!

Treasure Boxes from the Shugo Imperial Tomb have a chance to contain the follow rewards:

  • [Event] Golden Crown Akarun Egg (3 days)
    Hatch a Golden Crown Akarun that gives one of the following items once every 20 hours when fed 10 Shugo Coins:
    • Level 40 Composite Manastones
    • Level 60 Composite Manastones
    • Felicitous Socketing Supplement (Mythic, Eternal, or Fabled)
  • Dramata's Wing
  • Dramata's Bone Wing
  • Stormwing's Weapons
  • Stormwing's Armors
  • Mithril Medals
  • Abyss Relics

Players can exchange 10 Shugo Coins for a Token Pouch. Each Token Pouch provides up to 3 of the following rewards:

  • Kahrun's Symbol
  • Marchutan's Token/Orichalcum Token
  • Daemon Token/Fortuneers Token
  • Ward Token/Progress Token
  • Guestpetal
  • Crusader Token/Radiant Token
  • Shaper's Token/Wright's Token

Looking for strategies for the instance? Discuss the best ways to run the instance with your fellow players here!

Battle of Siel Bundles Available This Weekend ONLY!


The Battle of Siel is being held today at 3:30PM Central. Be sure to check out the livestream of the tournament today at 1:30PM PST at!

The special sale will run from today until Monday February 4th and include the following 3 items:


Special Manastone Box I - 79 NCoin - Click Here for more details!

Special Manastone Box II - 110 NCoin - Click Here for more details!

The Battle of Siel Bundle - 640 NCoin - Click Here for more details!


The Battle of Siel Bundle can also be placed in the C.U.B.E! Don't miss out on your chance to get two Special Manastone Box II along with a Felicitous Socketing Supplement (Eternal) in this awesome bundle!