2018 Summer Block Party


Starting July 25, a heatwave will overcome Atreia, but thankfully a Summer Block Party is here to cool down all Daevas. In the capital cities you’ll find the festive Daeva & Beach Bar with accompanying guests and bartenders to party with. If the heat gets to be too much to bear, you’ll be able to cool down and crack open Ice Blocks with Ice Picks to create an Ice-Hot Box, and probably impress a few watching Daevas too. Inside the Ice-Hot Box you’ll find scorching hot rewards. The Bartender also has some free drinks granting some helpful stats and courage. 


Part One: Ice Blocks & Ice Picks for Level 60+

Every party needs ice, so thankfully you’ll be able to find Ice Blocks & Ice Picks chilling inside of instances for Daevas level 60 or higher. Blocks and Picks can also be found in the following zones: Cygnea, Enshar, Levinshor, Kaldor, Iluma, Norsvold. If you’re looking for even more Ice Picks and Ice Blocks you can find them in our store.

event_bagofice.gif event_iceblock.jpg event_icepick.jpg event_icehotbox.jpg


Part Two: First Drink is Free for Level 20+

If you’re looking to quench that summer thirst, the Bartender at the Daeva & Beach Bar will be offering one free drink for all Daevas level 20 or higher. His cocktails made of Aether will boost your fighting spirit a little bit while tasting great. If you need another drink, you’ll be able to exchange six Ice Blocks for one of his Cocktail Shakers.

The Cocktail Shaker will provide two of the following drinks:


[Event] Manduri Sour


[Event] Blue Atreia


[Event] Ribbit Sunrise


[Event] Brommeltini

Each cocktail will last for 30 minutes and increases your natural healing, natural mana treatment, and DP. These quests can be completed once a day.

Rewards and Instances

You can find a full list of rewards and instance locations on our forums here.

The party won’t last forever! The 2018 Summer Block Party ends on August 8, 2018.


4X XP Week (July 18 - July 25)


Greetings Daevas,

From July 18 to July 25, earn XP at 4X the rate to get to your characters to level 75 or get started on an alternate character. The bonus XP event will begin after the maintenance on July 18 and end at 6:00 AM server time on July 25.  Make plans today and take advantage of this special XP boost event!


Happy leveling!

Power Up Week Returns


Greetings Daevas!

Power Up Week has returned and will be running from July 11 to July 18. These server-wide buffs will greatly help when attempting to temper or enchant Essence Cores, Accessories, and Stigmas:

  1. Attempts to enchant a Stigma that are unsuccessful will only result in a decrease of one enchantment level rather than the destruction of the item
  2. Attempts to temper accessories (Hats, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, and Belts) that are unsuccessful will only result in the decrease of one tempering level rather than the destruction of the item
  3. Attempts to enchant Essence Cores that are unsuccessful will only result in the decrease of one enchantment level, if using Omega Enchantment Stones, rather than the destruction of the item

During Power Up Week you can restock on enchanting items on the web store or by visiting the in-game shop. Be quick though, Power Up Week will only be here for one week until July 18! Take advantage of these buffs before it’s too late.


The Giving Grove 2018


The sun is shining and the birds are chirping – The Giving Grove is coming June 27 with new rewards. Gather your friends; you’ll need all the seeds you can get.

- How To Participate -

In the capital cities you will find three Magic Saplings and their gardener the Arbor Keeper. Speaking to the Arbor Keeper will give you a one-time quest, which provides you with a nutrient bundle. Upon opening the bundle you will be able to pick the nutrient corresponding to the sapling you wish to use it on (Robust, Shiny, and Solemn). Use the nutrient on the sapling to receive an Inferior Present and a Magic Tree Seed.

Upon obtaining 1,500 Magic Tree Seeds you can combine them to get a Fused Magic Tree Seed. You can use this seed to grow begin growing Magic Trees. There are three different trees, and each one has three stages. The higher a tree’s stage is, the better the rewards will be when you feed it nutrients.

Magic Tree Seeds are tradable so be sure to work together to grow the trees! The player that uses the Fused Magic Seed to grow the tree will be granted the corresponding Very Special Present which contains a unique title! If the tree is already at the final stage, using a Fused Magic Seed will still grant a present, but it will not be the same one as growing the tree.

Each tree offers different rewards, so be sure to use your nutrients or seed on the tree you want! Keep in mind, all three trees will return to their sapling forms during the weekly maintenance.

If you are looking for additional nutrients, you will automatically be granted one per hour you are logged in, up to a maximum of two per day. Prestige Pack holders can acquire five additional nutrients through a special survey they will receive once per week after the maintenance. You will also be able to obtain nutrients from certain bosses inside instances. 


- Rewards & Locations -

The entire list of rewards and instances can be found on the forums here.

Gather your gardening supplies and start tilling before The Giving Grove ends on July 18.

Shugo Sweep Returns


Shugo Sweep returns to Atreia! Immediately after the end of maintenance on June 20, test your luck with each roll and see what rewards the dice have in store for you!

How To Participate

To get started find the Shugo Sweep icon in the bottom right portion of your screen. Clicking this icon will open up the Shugo Sweep game board where you will be able to roll the die and get rewarded with an item for the spot you land on. The item is immediately placed into your inventory and once you claim an item, you can’t land on that spot again. You can go around the board as many times as possible until you run out of available spots, at which point the board will be refreshed with new items!

Accounts with level 46 characters and higher will receive one free roll per week during the event. Additionally, a survey containing one Golden Die will be sent out to all players once per week during the event. If you are a Prestige Pack subscriber, you will also receive an additional Golden Die. The board and dice pool are shared across all the characters on the account. If you are looking for additional rolls, you can purchase Golden Dice in the store. Not liking the items on your board? You can purchase a Shuffle Card from the store to refresh your board immediately.

While progressing through the board, you may come across a Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace Card. If you combine all five of these cards together you will be granted a Golden Card which you can open for fabulous prizes.





When opening a Golden Card, you have a chance to obtain any one item from the list below:

Shining Eternal Glory Weapon Box

[Event] Provenance Weapon Box

Shining Prime Royal Captain Weapon Chest

Exotic Frigida Legion Weapon Box

Caeus Equipment Box

Shining Prime Royal Captain Armor Chest

Royal Captain's Accessory Box

Harvester's Accessory Box

Transcendent Tempering Solution 

Pure Void Dragon King's Weapon Box

The Skilled/The Wise Title Card Box

+12 Manastone Selection Bundle

Harvester's Weapon Box

Harvester's Armor Box


Get your dice ready, Shugo Sweep will be taking place from June 20 – July 18.  For a quick look at how Shugo Sweep works, check out at this video from TestLadyJane.

Shugo Kingdom Adventure: Temple of Gold


The Shugo Kingdom Adventure is back and more wild than ever. Legend has it there's vast treasure vaults full of gold and other riches. Defeat the bosses for keys and discover the locations of these vaults sure to make every Shugo nyerk with glee.


How To Participate

Every day until June 20, groups of two or three Daevas (level 51 and higher) will be able to enter Shugo Imperial Tomb from Pandemonium and Sanctum. Once inside, you'll be transformed into a Shugo with special skills and equalized stats. For each of the three stages, you'll need to defend the towers long enough to lure out the boss. For each boss you defeat you'll be rewarded with tags and entry passes for use inside the treasure vaults. Look below for more in-depth details.

Instance Skills and Items

Special Instance Skills

Shugo Strike

A common Shugo Warrior attack. Inflicts 250 physical damage on up to two enemies. Available from Stage 1.

Shugo Doom

A powerful Ancient Shugo skill. Inflicts 3000 physical damage on the selected target. Available from Stage 1.

Shugo Sweep

Inflicts 566/567 damage on up to four nearby enemies. Available from Stage 1. 

Shugo Venom

Consumes your DP to inflict 339 damage on up to 8 enemies within a 10 radius for 10 seconds in 1 second intervals. Available from Stage 2.

Magic Mirror

Consumes your DP to Cast a reflective shield on the Emperor's Monument. Reflects all attacks back at the enemy for 8 seconds. Available from Stage 3.


Special Consumables

Cursed Chill

Immobilizes all enemies inside the Imperial Tomb for 6 seconds. 


Instantly increases the HP at the Imperial Tombstone by 50%.

Trickster's Essence

Instantly restores 2000 DP.

Powerful Trickster's Essence

Instantly restores 4000 DP.

*All consumables are untradeable, unsellable, unstorable, unstorable (in both the Account Warehouse, and the Legion Warehouse).


Treasure Rooms

At the end of Stage 3, use the Tags you received to enter special treasure rooms. Inside, you will find normal and special treasure chests that can be opened using the keys you’ve found on the stage bosses or purchased on the Black Cloud Marketplace. You will need 1 key to open normal chests and 3 keys to open the special chests.

Warning: Normal keys will disappear once you leave the instance if not used! Purchased keys will remain in your inventory until used and can be traded to other players.

Entering the Treasure Rooms

In order to enter the treasure rooms, you will need one of three different Tags: Gold, Silver or Bronze. Map pieces can be found on the various bosses that appear in the stages. If you find all 4 pieces, you can combine them to earn a random Tag. You can also earn Tags by defeating the final boss of Stage 3. The Tag you earn determines the treasure room you can enter, but remember that you will still need keys to open the boxes inside.

                  Treasure Map Pieces           Magical Map Box                             

mappiece.jpg           mapbox.jpg         

You will get one of these Tags from the Magical Map Box




You can find the full list of rewards for each chest on the forums here.


Bonus Rewards

With the new items available on the Black Cloud Marketplace, you can earn even more loot! The Immortal Treasure Chest Keys will open the boxes in the treasure rooms and will not disappear when you leave the instance. 

The Shugo Imperial Tomb Bonus Entry Scrolls will allow you to enter the instance again and again!

Discover the untold riches hidden in the vaults before they're sealed on June 20th.

Power Up Week Returns


From May 30 to June 6, power up your stigmas and accessories with special server buffs!

The buffs affect:

  1. Stigmas - failing to enchant a Stigma will result in a decrease of one enchantment level rather than the destruction of the item
  2. Accessories (Hats, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, and Belts) - failing to temper accessories will result in the decrease of one tempering level rather than the destruction of the item
  3. Essence Cores - failing to enchant Essence Cores will result in the decrease of one enchantment level if using Omega Enchantment Stones rather than the destruction of the item.

If you need to restock on enchanting items, the in-game or web store has what you need for a limited time.


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