The Lost Words Event


Daevas had been the saving grace in the Shugo Imperial Tomb, and certain Shugos have not forgotten. Re-teaching her amnesiac brother Lenarunerk how to read, Lenarinerk thought to seek help from the Daevas who helped last time Shugos needed a hand.  Bring her the letter cards taken by monsters so that Lenarunerk can learn to help his sister run their shop again.


Part One: Collect Letters (Lv. 10 +, Repeatable)

Letter cards are turning up in monster caves, with some stashed away deeper than others.  A rare item is always bound to be prized by collectors, so check out stores to see if they are on the shelves. Collect enough letters to spell out DAEVA, ABYSS, and AION, and receive a different reward box for each one!


Part Two: Make Letter Snippets (Lv. 10 +, Repeatable)

Too many leftover letters? Break them into little snippets! Gather 100 of them for Lenarunerk, and he will give you a Mysterious Letter Pouch with a random letter out of five, including even a rare letter!


- Location -

The Shugos are located near the Temple of Gold in Pandaemonium or the Hall of Prosperity in Sanctum.

The instances dropping letters are:

*Engulfed Ophidan Bridge

*Arena of Chaos

*Crucible Challenge

*Idgel Research Center

*Arena of Discipline

*Danuar Reliquary

*Illuminary Obelisk

*Arena of Harmony

*Dragon Lord’s Refuge

*Iron Wall Warfront

*Baruna Dimensional Lab

*Empyrean Crucible

*Kamar Battlefield

*Legion’s Baruna Dimensional Lab

*Legion’s Kysis Barracks

*Krotan Barracks

*Legion’s Danuar Mysticarium

*Legion’s Miren Barracks

*Muada’s Trencher

*Legion’s Idgel Research Center

*Legion’s Void Cube

*Padmarashka’s Cave

*Legion’s Krotan Barracks

*Miren Barracks

*Steel Rake Cabin

*Steel Rose Cargo (Solo)

*The Hexway

*Steel Rose Cargo (Group)

*Steel Rose Deck

*Unstable Abyssal Splinter

*Steel Rose Quarters (Solo)

*Steel Rose Quarters (Group)

*Void Cube


- Rewards -

Spell AION and get The Letter Collector’s Greater Bundle. The bundle contains (1) of the following:

*Mythic Weapon Tuning Scroll

*Courage Insignia Box

*Ceramium Medal (x3)

*Noble Tidal Idian

*Traveling Kitter Egg

*Ancient Coin (x10)

*Eternal Weapon Tuning Scroll

*Blood Mark (x10)

*[Event] Tatar’s Weapon Box**

*Greater Divine Remedy Bundle

*Mithril Medal (x3)

*Lucky Scroll Pouch

*Sharptooth Repulser (30 Day)

*Cuperine Ceramium Piece Case

*Sharptooth Repulser (15 Day)

*Lucky Enchantment Stone Hearthbloom

*Major Ancient Crown

*Lucky Relic Hearthbloom

**Note: The [Event] Tatar’s Weapon Box provides untradeable weapons that may differ slightly from normal Tatar weapons. Specifically, the spellbook and orb offer casting speed bonuses instead of attack speed bonuses.


Spell ABYSS and get The Letter Collector’s Bundle. The bundle contains (1) of the following:

*Sharptooth Repulser (30 Day)

*Eternal Weapon Tuning Scroll

*Sharptooth Repulser (15 Day)

*Ancient Coin (x10)

*Ceramium Medal (x2)

*Blood Mark (x10)

*Mithril Medal (x2)

*Greater Divine Remedy Bundle

*Noble Tidal Idian

*Lucky Scroll Pouch

*Tidal Idian

*Cuperine Ceramium Piece Case


Spell DAEVA and get The Letter Collector’s Lesser Bundle. The bundle contains (1) of the following:

*Ceramium Medal

*Guestpetal (x100)

*Mithril Medal

*Bomb Wall Ornament

*Paint: Sky Blue

*Heart Wall Ornament

*Paint: Steel Blue

*Skeleton Wall Ornament

*Paint: Mint

*Smile Wall Ornament

*Paint: Dark Green

*Star Wall Ornament

*Paint: Pale Pink

*Eastern Butterfly Cabinet

*Paint: Wine

*Lucky Enchantment Stone Hearthbloom

*Paint: Beige

*Lucky Manastone Hearthbloom

*Paint: Espresso

*Lucky Relic Hearthbloom

The event will run until June 18, 2014. Start collecting away!

Shugo Kingdom: Raiders of the Lost Ak(akak)


Shugos need Daevas help, nyerk! Graverobbing Kolbolds once again are trying to loot Shugo Imperial Tomb and Daevas are being called on to help protect these sacred Shugo grounds. Transform into a Shugo and successfully advance through three stages to the treasure vaults where you and your party will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts! Rewards include old favorites like Dramata's Wings and AP relics along with new hot items such as Ceramium Medals, Wrapping Scrolls, Tempering Solutions, and more.

Learn more about the event here or visit the in-game or web store for event items.

Code Red: Atreia - April 2014


After hearing reports of how our Daevas are doing, our favorite medical crew has been called back to Atreia to hand out special buffs and items to prepare Daevas for battles ahead.

Medical camps have been dispatched across the world and will remain until May 14, 2014 for players levels 10+. Visit one of these daily camps for potions, scrolls, and stigma shards. The attending nurses will been available for regular booster shots to assist in your everyday adventures.

Click here to read more.

Wheel of Fortunerk: April 2014


The Wheel of Fortunerk returns for the first time in 2014! For 99 NCoin, each spin will guarantee you a prize varying from Manastone Bundles to Tempering Solutions to Equipment Chests. Palaces are still exclusive to the Wheel. New items have also been added to the prize list including Hyperion’s Wing Chest, Enraged Mastarius weapon skins and more! For every 10 spins on the regular Wheel, you unlock the opportunity to spin on the Gold Wheel. The Gold Wheel has even better prizes and increased odds for the same NCoin price!

New to the Wheel

Exclusive to the Gold Wheel

  • Dynatoum's Brazen Weapon Box
  • Complete Dreamstrider's Outfit
  • Dynatoum's Equipment Chest
  • Sharptooth Voidtracer  
  • [Event] Hyperion's Wing Chest
  • Hyperion's Equipment Box
  • Enraged Mastarius' Weapon skin
  • Hyperion's Weapons Chest(s)
  • Farushunerk's Bonus Bundle


  • Mysterious Reward Box


  • Tempering Solution


Click here to head on over to the Wheel of Fortunerk to see the available prizes and spin. This website mini-game will only be available from April 23 to May 7 so start spinning and winning today!

Brave the Dredgion Event


Dredgion battleships carry Balaur troops across the Abyss to wreak havoc and it is up to the Daevas, both Asmodian and Elyos, to stop them! At three different times during the day, you can enter a Dredgion PvPvE instance to take down the Balaur and even engage in the opposing faction for even more glory. This time, for the next two weeks, treasure boxes will spawn at various points on the Dredgion. Open the boxes for various rewards including never-been-sold-before armor and weapon skins!

- How to Participate - (Available for level 46+ from April 2 through April 16, 2014)
At level 46 and higher, you can enter a Dredgion instance with five other players at your level bracket.

Baranath Dredgion (B-Dredge) – Level 46 to 50
Chantra Dregion (C-Dredge) – Level 51 to 55
Terath Dredgion (T-Dredge) – Level 56+

Dredgions are available three times a day 12 AM, 12 PM and 8 PM server time. You can recruit your own group, join in on another group recruiting, or allow yourself to be randomly placed in a group.

- Location -
Enter the Dredgion instance at 12 AM, 12 PM and 8 PM server time daily. You can enter the instance by clicking on the icon that appears next to the compass during the designated times.

- Rewards -
Treasure Boxes will spawn at various points during a Dredgion instance. The rewards differ by the Dredgion instance.

Baranath Dredgion Treasure Boxes will only contain consumables.

Chantra and Terath Dredgion will have a variety of boxes with rewards ranging from consumables to AP relics to Ceramium Medals. For groups tackling Chantra Dredgion and Terath Dredgion, Captain's Secret Caches are available in the Captain's Cabin. These cache require a key from our store and be sure to loot them (items in cache will be group loot if opened while still in group) before finishing the instance.

Captain's Secret Cache may give you the following rewards:

  • Major Ancient Crown
  • Greater Ancient Crown
  • Ceramium Medal
  • Blood Mark
  • Ancient Coin
  • Enraged Veille's Weapons
  • Enraged Veille's Armor

Good luck, Daeva!

The Scattered Deck Event


Mysterious cards have been surfacing in Atreia. Rumor has it that these cards belong to Lady Triniel and it possess great power if one knows how harness it. However, rumors are rumors; sounds like just another story about an item of power passed on by the Atreian ancestors. Well, if you happen to come across these mysterious cards, there are Card Collectors in the capital cities that are more than happy to exchange the useless item for a handsome reward.

Click here to read more.

Server First: The Aethertech Challenge Winners


With the launch of Steel Cavalry we issued a challenge that we knew would be accepted by our dedicated players, Server First: The Aethertech Challenge.

This was not something to be undertaken lightly. After all, being first on server requires dedication, commitment and a meticulous understanding of the game. But our eight winners made this challenge seem like a piece of cake, and it took many of them less than 48 hours to make it to the top. Please congratulate your server and faction first Aethertechs!


















Special Recgonition

Mechadux - First Aethertech across all servers.

Narcissusuz - First Asmodian Aethertech across all servers.

Dreadlocke - Siel server first.

Warframe - Israphel server first.

Crystalica - Tiamat server first.

The prize of (1) Wild Kitter’s Cipher-Blade will be delievered to the winning Aethertechs via in-game mail within the next 24 hours.