Joker's Wild Event


Step into a game of cards where Jokers are wild. Join the tournament by collecting Hearts and Clubs playing cards. Create the required hands to turn in for tournament keys and more!


Part 1: Building your Hand

Log in daily for the duration of the event and pick up an [Event] Clubs Card Pack and an [Event] Hearts Card Pack by talking to event NPC, Pierodan. Opening any one of these packs will give you (1) random Hearts or Clubs card. All event NPCs are located in the capital cities of Pandaemonium and Sanctum.

Certain instance bosses will also drop (1) random Hearts or Clubs card. Click here for the list of instances.

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Part 2: Lucky Number 7

The 7 of Hearts card can be used in a pair with a Red Joker card in exchange for a tournament key. You can also combine lower number Hearts cards that add up to seven to create a 7 of Hearts card.


Part 3: Royal Straight

Combine the 10 of Clubs, Jack of Clubs, Queen of Clubs, King of Clubs, and the Ace of Clubs to create an [Event] Royal Straight card. This card can then be combined with a Black Joker card for a tournament key.


Part 4: Jokers are Wild

[Event] Black Joker and [Event] Red Joker cards are required in your hand when you show the cards to the House in exchange for a tournament key. Joker cards can be purchased from our store or exchanged with 8 and 9 of Hearts/Clubs for either Joker cards with event NPC, Tuperunerk. Other cards can also be exchanged for Joker cards from the other event NPCs.

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Part 5: Bluffs Away

If you have any Hearts or Clubs cards you don't plan on using, you can use the item as a buff. Double-click the card you don't plan on keeping or trading to use the appropriate buff listed. The card buffs do not stack and will override your current buff should you use another card buff.



Required Card(s)



*Luck of the Draw


♥7 ,♣Royal Straight, ♥Joker, ♣Joker


Increase item drop rate by 10%

*Shuffle & Deal


♥8, ♥9, ♥10, ♥J, ♥Q, ♥K


Increase Cast Speed by 2%, Magic Boost +20

*Strong Hand


♣3, ♣4, ♣5, ♣6, ♣7, ♣8, ♣9


Increase Attack Speed by 2%, Crit Strike + 20


- Rewards -

Collect your tournament keys by completing the event quests provided by the event NPCs. You can then use the keys to open tournament chests located in Pandaemonium and Sanctum. Opening a tournament chest will give you one of the following prizes:


*[Event] Hyperion's Weapon Box

*Mythic Weapon Tuning Scroll

*[Event] Hyperion's Armor Box

*Mythic Armor Tuning Scroll

*[Event] Hyperion's Wing Box

*Ceramium Medal

*Ceramium Medal (3)

*[Event] Small Jester Costume Box

*Major Ancient Crown (3)

*[Event] Sauro Commander's Accessory Box

*Noble Ancient Manastone Bundle

*Large Greater Supplements Bag (Mythic) (3)

*[Event] Fabled Godstone Bundle

*Aether Cherry (60)

*Legion Coin (5)

*Major Ancient Icon (3)

*Protectorate Coin (10)

*[Event] Noble Idian Bundle (3)

*Courage Insignia (20)

*Manastone: Magic Boost +27 (50)

*Manastone: Attack +5 (50)

*Manastone: Magical Accuracy +14 (50)

*Manastone: Crit Strike +17 (50)

*[Event] Black Joker

*[Event] Red Joker

*Blood Mark (10)

*Ancient Coin

*Greater Supplements Bag (Fabled) (10)

*Ancient Coin (5)

*Greater Supplements Bag (Eternal) (10)

*Ancient Coin (10)


May Lady Luck be by your side! Event ends January 21, 2015.

Gank the Grankers Event


Solorius Festival is here to remind us to be generous, to be kind, to spend time with loved ones, and to gank Grankers? Pandarinrinerk is in a bit of a panic after having his stock of Festive Coins stolen. Gank the Grankers to get the coins back and save the Solorius Festival. Pandarinrinerk will be more than happy to trade you a variety of prizes from his store in exchange for the coins.


Part 1: Check Behind Your Ear (Level 21+)

You will automatically receive three Festive Coins in your Special Cube every ten minutes. You may receive a maximum of 36 coins each event day in this way.


Part 2: Gank the Grankers

While the idle Daeva can sit back and accumulate coins just by being online, the ambitious Daeva can get out there and get their hands dirty. Thieving Grankers are (probably) using Pandarinrinerk’s Festive Coins in some crazy black market Granker trade pyramid (probably) in Katalam and Danaria. The punishment for such treachery is obviously a humiliating defeat on the field of battle, and a pillaging of their stolen coins.


Part 3: Loot’N’Scoot:

If you wish to take on a challenge for your coins, simply venture into one of our conveniently located instanced dungeons. We’ve managed to stuff a few more rewards into our monsters’ already overloaded pockets. Coins and other Solorius prizes, such as Festive Gift Boxes and/or Brimming Festive Gift Boxes, can drop from bosses in the listed instances.

*Draupnir Cave

*Dark Poeta


*Udas Temple

*Rentus Base

*Tiamat Stronghold

*Dragon Lord’s Refuge

*Infinity Shard

*Danuar Reliquary

*Sauro Supply Base

*The Eternal Bastion

*Danuar Sanctuary

*Ophidan Bridge

*Illuminary Obelisk


- Rewards -

Trade your Festive Coins with Pandarinrinerk for prizes from his shop. He is located in each capital city, Pandaemonium for Asmodians and Sanctum for Elyos.


Event ends January 1, 2015 12:00 AM Server Time (Central Time). Coin exchanges with Panrinrinerk will be available until Wednesday, January 7, 2015. Merry Solorius Festival, Daevas!

Wheel of Fortunerk: Holiday 2014 Edition


It’s the holiday season, and there’s magic in the air. And, amidst all the other holiday festivities and activities, the Wheel of Fortunerk rolls back into Atreia for its annual holiday visit.

For just 99 NCoin, spin the wheel to win some great prizes. And, for every 10 spins on the regular Wheel, you unlock a spin on the Gold Wheel, which has some exclusive prizes!

New and notable prizes available on the Wheel include Nether Dragon Weapons, Illusion Godstones, Purfiied Essence, and the Sidekick Akumu Summoning Lamp. The Gold Wheel offers chances to win specifically the Nether Dragon Mythic Weapons, the popular (and cute) Shu-Ghost pet, and the Sharptooth Steamrunner. Plumes and Palaces will also be available again. For a complete prize list, please click here to view it on the forums.

Click here to play the Wheel of Fortunerk now! This website mini-game will only be available from December 15, 2014 to January 2, 2015, so start spinning and winning today!

Frozen Magic Event


Snow fell early in Atreia and with the world charged with Aether and Ide, tiny crystals of Aether are sticking together and freezing in the cold snow. Frosterinerk has been collecting the aetherized snow and making snowballs to give to Daevas as a gift. She says the gifts are to remind Daevas of the sky we share under the shattered world. However, we know Shugos have no use for Aether as Daevas do so perhaps there are valuables to be found in the frozen magical snowballs?


Part One: Frosterinerk's Gift (Level 30+)

In the capital cities, talk to Frosterinerk daily to get (8) +1 Snowballs. To cultivate the aetherized snowballs, right-click or double-click on the snowball to enchant it to the next level. Enchant the snowball up to +10 to make the Brilliant Snowball. When you opening the Brilliant Snowball will get (1) Icy Shard and (1) Brilliant Fragment. Combine these items to get a Brilliant Ice Prism, which offers a random high value prize. If the snowball explodes at any point before +10, random prizes will automatically be redeemed into your inventory. You will get (1) Snowflake Crystal and a chance to get an Icy Shard, Ancient Coins, or other prizes. 

Additional snowballs can be looted from instances or purchased from the store. Snowballs with enchantment levels 6 and above have a chance to give an Icy Shard (+10 Snowballs will always give an Icy Shard as noted above), which can be combined with a Brilliant Fragment, also available on the store, to create the Brilliance Ice Prism.








Part Two: Snowflake Crystals (Level 30+)

If you use up all of your Snowballs from Frosterinerk, Wintrinerk will be more than happy to trade you a +1 Snowball for (10) Snowflake Crystals. Snowflake Crystals can only be acquired after a snowball explodes after attempting to enchant it.


Part Three: Joyful Bundle (Level 30+)

While Freeziman contemplates his existence as a talking snowman, he offers you a Joyful Bundle that you can pick up from him daily. Open the bundle to receive (1) [Event] Dye Bundle and (1) random buff scroll. Various types of buff scrolls can be acquired with many offering effects to all party members. If you have friends or Legion mates within similar levels and they have differing scrolls, try to group together to share the effects!


- Rewards -
Brilliant Ice Prism contains (1) of the following items:

*[Event] Hyperion’s Weapon Box

*[Event] Assured  Greater Felicitous Socketing Box

*[Event] Hyperion’s Armor Box

*[Event] Dragon Lord’s Weapon Chest

*[Event] Hyperion’s Wing Box

*[Event] Weapon Shard Box

*Tempering Solution

*[Event] Fabled Godstone Bundle

*Mythic Weapon Tuning Scroll



Event ends December 24, 2014. Happy Solorius Festival, Daevas!


The Nether Dragon Challenge

There is a myth, spoken in whispers - the first Dragon Lords ascended through an ancient ritual. Nether Dragons, beings of creation and extreme power, were the catalyst of this ritual. They lie slumbering, locked in the core of each planetary realm. The first Dragon Lords to ascend linked their souls to these beings and became vessels of their tremendous power.

Momentous acts from the Dragon Lords, such as the ascension of Tiamat and the scorching of Kaldor by Fregion, have left imprints of the Nether Dragons’ power on the land. Elyos and Asmodians have brought their battles to these very grounds, breaking free small bits of energy – energy that feeds fire to fierce weaponry.

Getting your hands on one of these Nether Dragon weapons is no easy feat. To those that can prove their worth by defeating the most challengers, we offer a Nether Dragon weapon as a reward.


- How to Participate -

Polish your weapon and armor as it’s open season in Levinshor and Kaldor! All level 65 players will be automatically entered for this event and it’s a race to number one in PVP! For the next four weeks, your unique PVP kills in Levinshor and Kaldor will determine if you score yourself a Nether Dragon King's Mythic weapon. You don’t need to worry about how your Songweaver will match up with a Gladiator as we will be looking for the top contender from each class per faction and server.

  1. All level 65 players PVPing in Levinshor and Kaldor are eligible.
  2. Rack up unique kills in Kaldor and Levinshor only. Unique means you can’t kill the same opponent over and over.
  3. Only PvP kills from December 3, 2014 until December 31, 2014 11:59 PM Central time will be eligible. Winners will be determined and notified by January 7, 2014.

If PVP isn’t much your style or you want to increase your odds of getting your hands on one of these weapons, all end game instances will also have a rare chance to drop boxes that contain either an Eternal or Mythic Nether Dragon weapon. Only the Mythic weapons have the swirling fiery dragon effect! The drops come in the form of a Mythic or Eternal weapon box, and it provides a random weapon when opened without regard to your class. However, the item is tradeable until it is soulbound. The only guarantee you'll get the appropriate weapon for your class is by becoming the top PVPer for your class, faction and server!


- Reward -

The eligible period for this event ends December 31, 2014 11:59 Central Time. We will calculate the top kills on a class by class basis for each server and faction. Winners will then receive (1) Nether Dragon King's Mythic weapon appropriate for their class. Winners will be announced by January 7, 2014.


See you on the battlefield, Daevas!

Welcome to the Upgrade Arcade


Come one, come all, to the Upgrade Arcade! Try your luck at prizes by upgrading an on-screen weapon to the next level. At certain Upgrade Levels, you will unlock different prizes varying from Manastones to the exclusive Sleek Hovercycle mount!  Step right up! Don’t be shy – we’ll even give you a few free tries!

- How to Play -

The Upgrade Arcade can be accessed by clicking the smiling Shugo icon on the lower right corner of your screen. Use this icon to play, browse the prize list, or check out the Help guide.

To play, you’ll need an Arcade Token. One Arcade Token is consumed each time you begin playing at level 1, and will last until you claim a prize. This means it’s possible for you to get to Upgrade Level 8 on one token!

Click Play to start the mini-game and you'll see the weapon on the screen change before you. Subsequently by clicking Play, you will continue to upgrade the weapon and the Upgrade Level. There is a chance to fail at each upgrade level so play wisely!If you want to claim your prize, click Reward and a random item from the tier's prize list will be placed in your inventory.


If your upgrade fails at Upgrade Level 6 or higher, you have two choices. You can claim your level 1 prize, or you can click the Resume option to spend two tokens and regain your place! The Resume icon lights up to let you know it can be used, but can only be used once per play.

As you play the Upgrade Arcade, you will notice the Frenzy Meter filling up. Every token you use to play or resume will fill up the bar. Once the bar is full, Frenzy Mode begins and you have 90 seconds of boosted upgrade chances and additional Frenzy Rewards! Click away!


- Where to Get Arcade Tokens -

There are a few ways for you to get tokens for the Upgrade Arcade.

  1. A survey will be available at level 30+ for (1) Arcade Token.
  2. A quest will be available at level 50+ for (3) Arcade Tokens. You will need an [Event] Lucky Token to begin this quest. The Lucky Token is delivered automatically to the special cube of characters level 50 or above after ten minutes of play time. Once you have clicked on the Lucky Token, simply follow the quest instructions.
  3. Prestige Pack holders will receive (2) Arcade Tokens via survey each Arcade Event week.
  4. Arcade Tokens are available as prizes from the mystical Shugo Kingdom Adventure.
  5. Arcade Tokens can also be purchased individually or as a bundle from the in-game shop or web store.


- Rewards -

The rewards can be viewed in the Upgrade Arcade menu and are distributed randomly from the upgrade tier you end on. Remember, you can claim your reward at any time. If you want that prize at Upgrade Level 6 without risking a failure on your next attempt, hit the Rewards button to claim it right away. Keep in mind that if your upgrade fails and you do not resume playing, through choice or lack of tokens, you will only get a prize from Upgrade Level 1.


Collect your free tokens and try your luck at the Upgrade Arcade! Mini-game ends December 10, 2014.

Shugo Kingdom: Temple of Nyerk


Our beloved Shugo need help once more with their sacred Imperial Tomb. Graverobbing Kolbolds are trying to loot the newfound treasures the Shugos have hidden. Enter the tomb and transform into a Shugo to defeat the Kolbolds and advancing through three stages to the treasure vaults where you and your party will be rewarded with new treasures! New in the treasure chests are Steampunk Wings, Bulwark Burster, Shu-Ghost pet, and the new all-time favorite, Tempering Solutions. The amount of AP you can get from the instance has been boosted as well, so you can get a little extra for purifying your equipment or purchasing new gear! Additional prizes are also available in the Shugo Kingdom Adventure!

Click here to learn more about the event or visit the in-game or web store for additional event items.


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