Solorius Toy Festival


Giftrunerk is the best toy maker in all of Atreia and is busy assembling toys for Solorius. But he needs help gathering the pieces! The more Robot Pieces and Toy Power Cells you gather, the more more toys he can make. Giftrunerk has prepared some special rewards for those level 60+ Daevas willing to help him. 

Assembling Giftrunerk's Robot

Part One: Gathering Toy Robo-Shugo Pieces

From December 16, 2015 to January 6, 2016, speak to Chillrunerk daily to receive five Giftrunerk's Capsules and dissassemble them to reveal one part of Giftrunerk's Toy Robo-Shugo or other rewards. In order to assemble the Robo-Shugo, you'll need 3 parts - Toy Head, Toy Legs, and Toy Body. 

toyhead.png    toybody.png    toylegs.png

You can find more robot parts in Giftrunerk's Parts Boxes by hunting instance bosses or by gathering Solorius Capsules. Once you have all the needed parts assemble them to create Giftrunerk's Robo-Shugo, which has a chance to reward one of the following:

*Afterburner Bundle

*Suave Outfit

*Tempering Solution

*[Event] Hyperion's Wing Chest

*[Event] Dragon Lord's Wing Box

*Stigma Bundle

*[Event] Stormwing's Eternal Armor Chest

* True Black Dye

*Wave Song Armor Box

*Sea Fest Armor Box

*True White Dye

*[Event] Tiamat Guard's Eternal Armor Chest

*[Event] Heroic Godstone Bundle I

*Superior Manastone Bundle

*[Event] Blood Mark Box

*[Event] Small Ancient Coin Bundle

*[Event] Lucky Scroll Pouch


Part Two: Gathering Toy Power Cells

While looking for Giftrunerk's Toy Robo-Shugo pieces, you'll also come across Toy Power Cells, which can be found by hunting instance bosses and from gathering Solorius Capsules.


Once you've collected 5 Toy Power Cells, take them to Holyrinerk to receive a Glimmering Solorius Present Box, which can contain one of the below:

*Major Stigma Bundle

*[Motion Card] Stormbringer

*Stormbringer Circlet

*Stormbringer's Regalia

*Stormbringer's Staff

*Breezy Summer Outfit

*Breezy Summer Hat

*Afterburner Bundle

*[Event] Brilliant Composite Manastone Bundle

*Tempering Solution (1)

*Tempering Solution (3)

*Tempering Solution (7)

*Greater Stigma Bundle

*Omega Enchantment Stone

*Stigma Bundle

*Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Eternal)

*Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic)


Snuggle Crusher 9000

The Snuggle Crusher 9000 is available in all of the major cities to grant a 10% item drop rate buff. Just walk up and press his belly button!


Solorius Pass

Giftrunerk's Capsules also have a chance to drop Solorius Passes. If you're lucky enough to get one of these rare items take it to the Festivities Generator which will reward either a Toy Robo-Shugo Part or a Toy Power Cell.

bonus machine.png

Be sure to turn in the Robot Parts and Toy Power Cells before January 6, 2016!


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