Frozen Magic Event


Snow fell early in Atreia and with the world charged with Aether and Ide, tiny crystals of Aether are sticking together and freezing in the cold snow. Frosterinerk has been collecting the aetherized snow and making snowballs to give to Daevas as a gift. She says the gifts are to remind Daevas of the sky we share under the shattered world. However, we know Shugos have no use for Aether as Daevas do so perhaps there are valuables to be found in the frozen magical snowballs?


Part One: Frosterinerk's Gift (Level 30+)

In the capital cities, talk to Frosterinerk daily to get (8) +1 Snowballs. To cultivate the aetherized snowballs, right-click or double-click on the snowball to enchant it to the next level. Enchant the snowball up to +10 to make the Brilliant Snowball. When you opening the Brilliant Snowball will get (1) Icy Shard and (1) Brilliant Fragment. Combine these items to get a Brilliant Ice Prism, which offers a random high value prize. If the snowball explodes at any point before +10, random prizes will automatically be redeemed into your inventory. You will get (1) Snowflake Crystal and a chance to get an Icy Shard, Ancient Coins, or other prizes. 

Additional snowballs can be looted from instances or purchased from the store. Snowballs with enchantment levels 6 and above have a chance to give an Icy Shard (+10 Snowballs will always give an Icy Shard as noted above), which can be combined with a Brilliant Fragment, also available on the store, to create the Brilliance Ice Prism.








Part Two: Snowflake Crystals (Level 30+)

If you use up all of your Snowballs from Frosterinerk, Wintrinerk will be more than happy to trade you a +1 Snowball for (10) Snowflake Crystals. Snowflake Crystals can only be acquired after a snowball explodes after attempting to enchant it.


Part Three: Joyful Bundle (Level 30+)

While Freeziman contemplates his existence as a talking snowman, he offers you a Joyful Bundle that you can pick up from him daily. Open the bundle to receive (1) [Event] Dye Bundle and (1) random buff scroll. Various types of buff scrolls can be acquired with many offering effects to all party members. If you have friends or Legion mates within similar levels and they have differing scrolls, try to group together to share the effects!


- Rewards -
Brilliant Ice Prism contains (1) of the following items:

*[Event] Hyperion’s Weapon Box

*[Event] Assured  Greater Felicitous Socketing Box

*[Event] Hyperion’s Armor Box

*[Event] Dragon Lord’s Weapon Chest

*[Event] Hyperion’s Wing Box

*[Event] Weapon Shard Box

*Tempering Solution

*[Event] Fabled Godstone Bundle

*Mythic Weapon Tuning Scroll



Event ends December 24, 2014. Happy Solorius Festival, Daevas!



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