The Nether Dragon Challenge

There is a myth, spoken in whispers - the first Dragon Lords ascended through an ancient ritual. Nether Dragons, beings of creation and extreme power, were the catalyst of this ritual. They lie slumbering, locked in the core of each planetary realm. The first Dragon Lords to ascend linked their souls to these beings and became vessels of their tremendous power.

Momentous acts from the Dragon Lords, such as the ascension of Tiamat and the scorching of Kaldor by Fregion, have left imprints of the Nether Dragons’ power on the land. Elyos and Asmodians have brought their battles to these very grounds, breaking free small bits of energy – energy that feeds fire to fierce weaponry.

Getting your hands on one of these Nether Dragon weapons is no easy feat. To those that can prove their worth by defeating the most challengers, we offer a Nether Dragon weapon as a reward.


- How to Participate -

Polish your weapon and armor as it’s open season in Levinshor and Kaldor! All level 65 players will be automatically entered for this event and it’s a race to number one in PVP! For the next four weeks, your unique PVP kills in Levinshor and Kaldor will determine if you score yourself a Nether Dragon King's Mythic weapon. You don’t need to worry about how your Songweaver will match up with a Gladiator as we will be looking for the top contender from each class per faction and server.

  1. All level 65 players PVPing in Levinshor and Kaldor are eligible.
  2. Rack up unique kills in Kaldor and Levinshor only. Unique means you can’t kill the same opponent over and over.
  3. Only PvP kills from December 3, 2014 until December 31, 2014 11:59 PM Central time will be eligible. Winners will be determined and notified by January 7, 2014.

If PVP isn’t much your style or you want to increase your odds of getting your hands on one of these weapons, all end game instances will also have a rare chance to drop boxes that contain either an Eternal or Mythic Nether Dragon weapon. Only the Mythic weapons have the swirling fiery dragon effect! The drops come in the form of a Mythic or Eternal weapon box, and it provides a random weapon when opened without regard to your class. However, the item is tradeable until it is soulbound. The only guarantee you'll get the appropriate weapon for your class is by becoming the top PVPer for your class, faction and server!


- Reward -

The eligible period for this event ends December 31, 2014 11:59 Central Time. We will calculate the top kills on a class by class basis for each server and faction. Winners will then receive (1) Nether Dragon King's Mythic weapon appropriate for their class. Winners will be announced by January 7, 2014.


See you on the battlefield, Daevas!


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