The Hoppening Event


An eerie wind blows through the lands of Atreia. As the Harvest Revel draws near, the borders between realities thin, and ancient nightmares are spilling from the Abyss into Danaria. Deep-seated fears creep from the shadows as the sound of thudding hops ring out in the darkness.

Vampidarus, mystical rabbit-creatures of legend, have been spotted roaming the Abyss and Danaria. While no one is sure of their origin, there are stories of treasures to be gained from collecting and combining Vampidaru’s feet and paws. Daevas, defeat the menace sneaking into Atreia and collect your souvenirs!

- How to Participate - (for Level 30+)

Hunt Vampidarus and open the Hoppening Treasure Chests as they appear in rotation between four different areas. It is up to you to find out where they are! Vampidarus have a chance to drop (1) Left Vampidaru Paw or (1) Left Vampidaru Foot. To find the right pairs, you must open the Hoppening Treasure Chests that spawn near the Vampidarus.

Because the mobs and treasure chests spawn in the open world, you might not be just battling the Vampidarus. Watch your back, because the enemy faction will be after the same thing! You can group with other members, but beware that event items are single drops, and all group members will need to roll the dice for them.



Vampidaru Left Foot   Vampidaru Right Foot




Vampidaru Left Paw   Vampidaru Right Paw

- Location -
Vampidarus and the Hoppening Treasure Chests spawns will rotate between four locations, two locations in the Abyss and two locations in Danaria. Where they will be specifically is up to you to find.

- Rewards -
When you combine the Right Vampidaru Paw with the Left Vampidaru Paw you will make (1) Vampidaru Paw Charm. Opening the Paw Charm has a chance to give the following prizes:

*Blood Mark(s)

*[Event] Rabbit Ear Headband

*Major Relic Box

*[Event] Ailu Form Candy Box

*AP Boost Charm - 30%

*Harvest Revel Form Candy

*Skeleton Suit Costume

*[Event] Rabbit Form Candy Bundle

*Cuperine Ceramium Piece Case

*[Event] Superior Recovery Bundle


When you combine the Right Vampidaru Foot with the Left Vampidaru Foot you will make (1) Vampidaru Foot Charm. Opening the Foot Charm has a chance to give the following prizes:

*AP Boost Charm - 30%

*Cuperine Ceramium Piece Case

*[Event] Kahrun's Box

*Settler's Care Package

*Ceramium Medal

*Harvest Revel Form Candy

*Mithril Medal

*[Event] Greater Composite Manastone Bundle

*Blood Mark(s)

*Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic)

*Major Relic Box

*Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Eternal)

*Stealth Group Kisk



This event ends on October 22, 2014. Hop to it and start collecting those Vampidaru feet and paws for prizes now!


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