Haunted Energy


Wandering Omens have made their way to Atreia, and a Purifying Tree has appeared. Use the containment charms to seal away these monsters and cleanse them with the Purifying Tree for spooky-good rewards.

-How To Participate-

The Omens and Harrowing Omens roaming around Iluma and Norsvold will need to be sealed inside the sachets and cleansed to finally be at peace.  Daily, all Daevas level 66 and above will receive three Containment Charms, per hour, for three hours. Using your standard abilities to defeat Omens have a chance to drop Harrowing Containment Charms.

The Purifying Trees inside the Iluma and Norsvold sanctuaries offer quests seeking Sealed Sachets and Large Sealed Sachets for the willing Daeva. Seal the Omens and Harrowing Omens using their respective Containment Charms and bring their sachets to the Purifying Trees. Once the sachets are hung on the tree, they will fade away revealing a special item.  

Additional Harrowing Containment Charms can be purchased from the store. Limit three per day.


Visit our forums to see a full list of rewards available here.


These ghostly beings are only here until October 25 so be quick before they leave for good!


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