Celebrate Daeva's Day


Tomorrow we celebrate Daeva’s Day, Aion’s 7th anniversary which means a special day of events. On September 22, after 12 AM server time, the Daeva’s Day Cake will give you 200% bonus EXP as well as increased drop rate by 50%. The boosted cake buff will only be available on Daeva’s Day, but there will also be a separate triple EXP setting for the servers that will stack on top of any EXP buff you currently have and are using. The triple EXP server setting will be available until Sunday, September 25, 11:59 PM server time.

In addition, the Level Up Survey reward for level 75 has been extended to October 31, and the rewards have been changed to the following items: 


Armor Box of the Full Moon

Weapon Box of the Full Moon

Anniversary Consumables Box

Large Luna Bundle (50 Luna)


Happy Daeva’s Day, Daevas!


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