Summer Block Party Returns 2015


It's back-- Aion's Summer Block Party returns to cool down weary Daevas! The tiki bar has been set up in the captial cities and everybody is invited to the party! Bartenders are here to serve up drinks and as party favors, collect Bags of Ice from instance mobs or bosses. These favors can give you an Ice Pick or an Ice Block. Crack open an Ice Block with an Ice Pick to get an Ice-Hot Box. Ice-Hot Boxes contain various goodies handy to all Daevas. The Summer Block Party is only here until August 19 so don’t miss out!


Part One: Ice Blocks & Ice Picks for Level 30+
Bags of Ice will drop from bosses in level 30+ instances. Visit the forums for the full list of instances. Bags of Ice will also have a chance to drop from mobs in Cygnea, Enshar, Kaldor and Levinshor. Use a Bag of Ice to obtain an Ice Pick or an Ice Box. If you have both, use an Ice Pick on an Ice Block to get (1) Ice-Hot Box.

Ice-Hot Boxes contain various rewards. Collect Ice Blocks and Ice Picks to make more boxes to maximize your rewards!

Ice Picks and Ice Blocks are also available on the Black Cloud Marketplace.

event_bagofice.gif event_iceblock.jpg event_icepick.jpg event_icehotbox.jpg


Part Two: First Drink is Free for Level 20+

Pick up a free daily drink from the Bartender located in Pandaemonium or Sanctum. Your first cocktail is on the house, but in case you were still thirsty, trade Ice Blocks with the Bartender for another drink.

The Cocktail Shaker will provide two of the following drinks:


[Event] Manduri Sour


[Event] Blue Atreia


[Event] Ribbit Sunrise


[Event] Brommeltini

Each cocktail will last for 30 minutes and increases your natural healing, natural mana treatment, and DP. These quests can be completed once a day.


Ice-Hot Box Rewards

*Stigma Sack

*[Event] Icy Idian Box

*Inked-Up Swimsuit

*Leader's Recovery Scroll (x10)

*[Event] Heroic Godstone Bundle I

*[Event] Health Boost Bundle

*Purified Essence

*Superior Manastone Bundle (x2)

*[Event] Dye Bundle

*Shiny Vinna

*Lucky Vinna

*[Emotion Card] Diving

*Aether Cherry (x10)

*Expeditionary Force Ceramium Medal Box

*[Event] Brilliant Composite Manastone Bundle

*[Event] Alchemical Transformation Formula for Ceramium Medal


This event ends on August 19, 2015. Cool down today with a icy cocktail!


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