The Lost Words Event


Daevas had been the saving grace in the Shugo Imperial Tomb, and certain Shugos have not forgotten. Re-teaching her amnesiac brother Lenarunerk how to read, Lenarinerk thought to seek help from the Daevas who helped last time Shugos needed a hand.  Bring her the letter cards taken by monsters so that Lenarunerk can learn to help his sister run their shop again.


Part One: Collect Letters (Lv. 10 +, Repeatable)

Letter cards are turning up in monster caves, with some stashed away deeper than others.  A rare item is always bound to be prized by collectors, so check out stores to see if they are on the shelves. Collect enough letters to spell out DAEVA, ABYSS, and AION, and receive a different reward box for each one!


Part Two: Make Letter Snippets (Lv. 10 +, Repeatable)

Too many leftover letters? Break them into little snippets! Gather 100 of them for Lenarunerk, and he will give you a Mysterious Letter Pouch with a random letter out of five, including even a rare letter!


- Location -

The Shugos are located near the Temple of Gold in Pandaemonium or the Hall of Prosperity in Sanctum.

The instances dropping letters are:

*Engulfed Ophidan Bridge

*Arena of Chaos

*Crucible Challenge

*Idgel Research Center

*Arena of Discipline

*Danuar Reliquary

*Illuminary Obelisk

*Arena of Harmony

*Dragon Lord’s Refuge

*Iron Wall Warfront

*Baruna Dimensional Lab

*Empyrean Crucible

*Kamar Battlefield

*Legion’s Baruna Dimensional Lab

*Legion’s Kysis Barracks

*Krotan Barracks

*Legion’s Danuar Mysticarium

*Legion’s Miren Barracks

*Muada’s Trencher

*Legion’s Idgel Research Center

*Legion’s Void Cube

*Padmarashka’s Cave

*Legion’s Krotan Barracks

*Miren Barracks

*Steel Rake Cabin

*Steel Rose Cargo (Solo)

*The Hexway

*Steel Rose Cargo (Group)

*Steel Rose Deck

*Unstable Abyssal Splinter

*Steel Rose Quarters (Solo)

*Steel Rose Quarters (Group)

*Void Cube


- Rewards -

Spell AION and get The Letter Collector’s Greater Bundle. The bundle contains (1) of the following:

*Mythic Weapon Tuning Scroll

*Courage Insignia Box

*Ceramium Medal (x3)

*Noble Tidal Idian

*Traveling Kitter Egg

*Ancient Coin (x10)

*Eternal Weapon Tuning Scroll

*Blood Mark (x10)

*[Event] Tatar’s Weapon Box**

*Greater Divine Remedy Bundle

*Mithril Medal (x3)

*Lucky Scroll Pouch

*Sharptooth Repulser (30 Day)

*Cuperine Ceramium Piece Case

*Sharptooth Repulser (15 Day)

*Lucky Enchantment Stone Hearthbloom

*Major Ancient Crown

*Lucky Relic Hearthbloom

**Note: The [Event] Tatar’s Weapon Box provides untradeable weapons that may differ slightly from normal Tatar weapons. Specifically, the spellbook and orb offer casting speed bonuses instead of attack speed bonuses.


Spell ABYSS and get The Letter Collector’s Bundle. The bundle contains (1) of the following:

*Sharptooth Repulser (30 Day)

*Eternal Weapon Tuning Scroll

*Sharptooth Repulser (15 Day)

*Ancient Coin (x10)

*Ceramium Medal (x2)

*Blood Mark (x10)

*Mithril Medal (x2)

*Greater Divine Remedy Bundle

*Noble Tidal Idian

*Lucky Scroll Pouch

*Tidal Idian

*Cuperine Ceramium Piece Case


Spell DAEVA and get The Letter Collector’s Lesser Bundle. The bundle contains (1) of the following:

*Ceramium Medal

*Guestpetal (x100)

*Mithril Medal

*Bomb Wall Ornament

*Paint: Sky Blue

*Heart Wall Ornament

*Paint: Steel Blue

*Skeleton Wall Ornament

*Paint: Mint

*Smile Wall Ornament

*Paint: Dark Green

*Star Wall Ornament

*Paint: Pale Pink

*Eastern Butterfly Cabinet

*Paint: Wine

*Lucky Enchantment Stone Hearthbloom

*Paint: Beige

*Lucky Manastone Hearthbloom

*Paint: Espresso

*Lucky Relic Hearthbloom

The event will run until June 18, 2014. Start collecting away!


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