End of the World Event


Beritra will soon step foot into Atreia through his completed research into dimensional teleportation. The energy of moving across planes and destroying the Sealing Stones unleashed such immense power that some of the zones we have grown so familiar with will give way to Beritra’s arrival. 

With the upcoming destruction of Sarpan, Tiamaranta, Katalam, and Danaria, many of the instances in these zones will be no more. As a last opportunity to explore some of the disappearing instances, these instances have a chance to offer you additional rewards. Acquire a key from defeating the boss and unlock the chests that spawn. Each chest contains rewards ranging from a 1-hour scroll pouches, Omega Enchantment Stones, Enraged Veille’s armor, and more!


- How to Participate -

Run either solo or with a group with the following participating instances. Each end boss will have a chance to drop the [Event] Apocalyptic Key or you can buy the keys from the store.  The key is a single drop so the entire party can roll on the item. Once you’ve acquired the key from the boss or from the store, you can then open the chests. It is recommended at this point that you drop party before you open the chests as the group can also roll on the items from the chests depending on the group’s loot settings. Or your group can agree the chest drops will be free-for-all!


- Location -

The Apocalyptic Key has a chance to drop from the bosses in the following instances: Argent Manor* Danuar Mysticarium Satra Treasure Hoard Legion's Danuar Mysticarium Steel Rose Cargo (Solo) Steel Rose Deck Steel Rose Cargo (Group) Raksang Steel Rose Quarters (Solo) Muada's Trencher Steel Rose Quarters (Group) Elementis Forest

*In Argent Manor, the key has a chance to drop from the treasure box not the end boss.


- Reward -

Opening the chest can net you two or more items from the following items: Shiny Vinna [Event] Premium Restoration Serum [Event] Lucky Scroll Pouch Epsilon Enchantment Stone Major Ancient Crown Omega Enchantment Stone Greater Ancient Crown [Event] Brilliant Composite Manastone Bundle Ceramium Medal Enraged Veille's Weapon Mithril Medal Enraged Veille's Armor Tempering Solution [Event] Sauro Commander's Accessory Box Empyrean Ink* Aristocrat’s Blindfold* Empyrean Band* Squire’s Blindfold*

*These items are exclusive to this event and have not been seen in game yet!


Check out these instances before they are gone and collect the rewards it has to offer! Event ends June 17, 2015.


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