Spring Harvest


Spring is the time for fresh fruit! Help Hirinerk by collecting refreshing fruits and trading them in for prizes. Hirinerk will be in Atreia collecting fruit until May 4, 2016. 

- How to Participate -

Part One: Fragrant Fruit Box

Every day you log in during the event period, you will receive an [Event] Fragrant Fruit Box. The Fruit Box will appear in your inventory 10 minutes after you logged into the game. To receive and use your daily Fruit Box, you must pick it up between the server hours of 9 AM and 4 AM the following day. The freshness of the Fruit Box will last about 5 hours, and every 30 minutes, you can open the box to receive (1) random fruit. The types of fruit you can receive are [Event] Vinna, [Event] Rubus, [Event] Pineapple and [Event] Fig, with the Fig as the rarer of the fruits. We have a few options for acquiring the Fig including picking it up from the store, quest trades, or from instance bosses!


Part Two: Fruit Trade

If you have a stack of the same event fruit, Hurunerk will be more than happy to trade you an [Event] Fig for them.


Part Three: Fig, Fig the Magical Fruit

Instance bosses from the listed instances also have a chance to drop the delectable Fig. Pry the tasty fruit from their cold dead hands.

*Linkgate Foundry

*Infernal Danuar Reliquary

*Unstable Abyssal Splinter

*Sealed Danuar Mysticarium

*Occupied Rentus Base

*Dragon Lord's Refuge

*Danuar Reliquary

*Drakenspire Depths

*Kysis Barracks

*Illuminary Obelisk

*Anguished Dragon Lord's Refuge

*Miren Barracks

*Danuar Sanctuary

*The Eternal Bastion

*Krotan Barracks

*Sauro Supply Base


*Ophidan Bridge

*Abyssal Splinter

*Taloc's Hollow

*Siezed Danuar Sanctuary

*Beshmundir Temple

*Aturam Sky Fortress

*Infernal Illuminary Obelisk

*Padmarashka's Cave

*Rentus Base

*Infinity Shard

*Tiamat Stronghold

*Raksang Ruins

*Nochsana Training Camp

*Alquimia Research Center

*Aetherogenetics Lab

*Kromede's Trial

*Steel Rake Cabin

*Indratu Fortress

*Udas Temple

*Lower Udas Temple



- Location -

Hirinerk and Hurunerk are located by the Temple of Gold in Pandaemonium for Asmodians and by Hall of Prosperity in Sanctum for Elyos.


- Reward -

Create a Refreshing Harvest Salad for Hirinerk and receive a gift. The gift will randomly give one of the following items:

*Ereshkigal Legion Belt


*Ancient Coin (x25)

*Cube Expansion Coin (x5)

*Ereshkigal Legion Sash

*[Event] Elite Composite Manastone Bundle

*Blood Medal (x5)

*[Event] Blood Mark Box (x10)

*Tempering Solution

*Honorable Elim's Idian Bundle

*Omega Enchantment Stone

*Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Eternal) 

*Epsilon Enchantment Stone (x3)

*Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic)

*Epsilon Enchantment Stone

*[Event] Brilliant Ancient Manastone Bundle

*Ceramium Medal (x3)

Large Greater Supplements Bag (Eternal) (x3)

*Large Greater Supplements Bag (Mythic) (x3)




Collect fresh fruits and sharpen your chef’s knife to prepare a Refreshing Salad for Hirinerk! Event ends May 4, 2016.


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