Brave the Dredgion Event


Dredgion battleships carry Balaur troops across the Abyss to wreak havoc and it is up to the Daevas, both Asmodian and Elyos, to stop them! At three different times during the day, you can enter a Dredgion PvPvE instance to take down the Balaur and even engage in the opposing faction for even more glory. This time, for the next two weeks, treasure boxes will spawn at various points on the Dredgion. Open the boxes for various rewards including never-been-sold-before armor and weapon skins!

- How to Participate - (Available for level 46+ from April 2 through April 16, 2014)
At level 46 and higher, you can enter a Dredgion instance with five other players at your level bracket.

Baranath Dredgion (B-Dredge) – Level 46 to 50
Chantra Dregion (C-Dredge) – Level 51 to 55
Terath Dredgion (T-Dredge) – Level 56+

Dredgions are available three times a day 12 AM, 12 PM and 8 PM server time. You can recruit your own group, join in on another group recruiting, or allow yourself to be randomly placed in a group.

- Location -
Enter the Dredgion instance at 12 AM, 12 PM and 8 PM server time daily. You can enter the instance by clicking on the icon that appears next to the compass during the designated times.

- Rewards -
Treasure Boxes will spawn at various points during a Dredgion instance. The rewards differ by the Dredgion instance.

Baranath Dredgion Treasure Boxes will only contain consumables.

Chantra and Terath Dredgion will have a variety of boxes with rewards ranging from consumables to AP relics to Ceramium Medals. For groups tackling Chantra Dredgion and Terath Dredgion, Captain's Secret Caches are available in the Captain's Cabin. These cache require a key from our store and be sure to loot them (items in cache will be group loot if opened while still in group) before finishing the instance.

Captain's Secret Cache may give you the following rewards:

  • Major Ancient Crown
  • Greater Ancient Crown
  • Ceramium Medal
  • Blood Mark
  • Ancient Coin
  • Enraged Veille's Weapons
  • Enraged Veille's Armor

Good luck, Daeva!


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