Love is in the Aether Event


It’s that time of the year, and love is floating through the Aether. For the next two weeks, as Atreia celebrates love, players can express their affections for each other and gain some lovely rewards. But, unlike love, which (hopefully) lasts forever, this event is ephemeral and will be with us for only two weeks. So between now and February 26, 2014, be sure to set aside some time from your busy schedule of combat and conquest to enjoy a little bit of romance. Because once it’s over, it’s over.


Part 1: A Gracious Thought (Level 10+, Repeatable)
Talk to Florarinerk to get a chocolate box. Give the chocolate box to a special male Daeva in your life, and hopefully in return, he gives you a flower basket! The basket will open (1) random 30 minute event flower buff item.



Part 2: A Little Surprise (Level 10+)
Florarinerk has a present for Daeva. Speak to Florarinerk and she’ll give you a Wildflower Crown (15 days) for you to skin to any head gear. If you really like it, you can find a permanent version of the item in the store.



Part 1: A Noble Mission (Level 10+, Repeatable)
Located in each capital city, interact with the Flower Rack for a flower for Florarinerk to box up. Once she’s done, exchange your Flower Basket for a Chocolate Box with a lovely lady in your life. The chocolate box will open (1) random 30 minute event chocolate buff item.




Spread the Joy (Level 10+, Repeatable)
Florarinerk loves Valentine’s Day and wishes all to be happy. In her cheerful mood, she is giving away (10) Lovely Bouquet. These Bouquets increases your Natural Healing by 14 points, Natural Mana by 21 points while DP increases continuously. Come see her every day during the event and she’ll give you another bundle of 10.


The event is available until February 26, 2014 so log in and collect Valentine's Day items every day!