Player of the Month — October 2011

Name: Ullona
Server: Vaizel (NA)
Faction: Elyos
Legion: Infusion
Class: Sorcerer
Level: 55

When did you start playing Aion?
I've always been a bit of a graphics nerd, so when someone told me about Aion back when it was still in beta in Korea, I went straight to YouTube and saw a lot of the conceptual videos. The graphics had me hooked, so I continued to watch as the game progressed in development.

I didn't hear anything about Aion for a while after that, until the closed beta started here in the States. I was playing another MMO at the time, so I didn't play the closed beta. However, when the open beta happened, I managed to snag a key. I made three characters: an Asmodian sorcerer, an Elyos spiritmaster, and an Elyos cleric. I didn't get very far with them, since I was preoccupied with looking at everything! I remember getting stuck under Pandaemonium. A friend who was playing with me commented that I was like one of those kids who manage to fall in the tiger cage once a year. I thought that was really funny, and it still makes me laugh!

Unlike a lot of long-term players who started played the open beta, I didn't go on to play the launch version of Aion until February. I had a friend who was playing Elyos on Kaisenel, so went to join him. It was a lot easier leveling with a friend! When that friend quit, around the time I was level 40, I joined a Legion. I don't think I could play without my friends sharing the experience with me!

How would you describe your playing style?
I know a lot of people describe themselves as mainly either PvE or PvP players. I personally like both. PvE is nice once in a while, although doing it 24/7 is a bit much! PvP is fun, although being a general right now has left me with few PvP opportunities. I also love fort raids. I know I will die, a lot, and lag, a little, but it's very fun seeing the faction work together!

I admit I did the new instances for the entire day when 2.7 came out. The Arena of Chaos is crazy! I ran it a lot of times, and sometimes I'd end up in the top three, while other times I ended up all the way at the bottom. I think it is fun not knowing what will happen or who you're fighting until the end. When you find out the person you've been ruthlessly killing is one of your best friends, it's cause for a good laugh.

I craft a lot, too, being an alchemy master. Usually, I keep a sketchbook nearby during those long craft sessions. That's earned me the title "Queen AFK" from my circle of friends when I really get into it! Sometimes during my AFKs, I end up drawing. I have two sketchbooks full of random doodles, and 12+ GB worth of Aion fan art.

What changes in Aion have you liked the most?
Abyss Points have become a lot easier to obtain! In 1.9, the only source of AP was from Dredgion or from forts, and if you were on the losing side it was very difficult to gear up. With the introduction of 2.0, you get more AP from Dredgion, so those on the losing side were able to gear up instead of being stuck without the ability to PvP on equal grounds. Then Esoterrace came out and made it even easier to get AP.

With the influx of people who became PvP geared because of these changes, people are more bold to go out there and have fun in PvP instead of being a sulky shugo all the time! Now with the new 2.7 update, it's become even easier to get up to par, gearwise. With all of these improvements, PvP in Aion has gone from a gear oriented experience to a skill based one.

What is your favorite IceCream Flavor?
It's a close tie between Cookies 'n Cream and Cookie Dough.  Yum!

Cake or Pie?'s a pie with the word cake in it.


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