Player of the Month - July 2011

Aion Charakter: Trixitratsch / Ensomhet

Server: Balder

Race: Asmodian

Legion: Pandaemoniumbote / Nati Aionis

Class: Assassin / Cleric

Location: Germany

Tell us something about yourself. What led you to play Aion?

I'm a roleplayer, that means I do all possible kinds of roleplaying (Pen and Paper, Live Action Role Play…) As you can't find a group to play every day, I decided to start playing MMOs.

A friend of mine played Aion during the closed beta, I had a look and I loved the graphic, the gameplay itself and the possibilities in the game. For that reason I started to play Aion during the open beta … and I never stopped.

You are mostly known in Aion because of the "Pandämoniumsbote." Could you please tell us more about this project?

The Pandaemoniumbote is a newspaper for roleplayers. It talks about events (not only roleplay events) and announces them as well.

All in all it's a normal newspaper, contending articles, news and advertisements (and of corse it's loyal to the government of Asmodae!) The purpose of the newspaper is to keep the players entertained.

Trixi is the main character/journalist of the newspaper, but we have a lot of helping hands and guest writers behind the scenes. I would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to Seiryu at this point. Sairyu has been reviewing all texts since day one prior to the final publish.

How did you get the idea to create a newspaper for Aion?

I had already done it for another MMO. I created a not so serious newspaper called "Abby Vogue." We had news as well, but a very big part of the newspaper had been fake interviews with obnoxious NPCs. We don't do these interviews in Aion, because it would not fit into the concept of the "Pandaemoniumsbote."

If you're not creating a newspaper, what are the main things you do in Aion? How would you describe your playing style?

I'm a roleplayer most of the time. I do a lot of the instances as well and, because I never have loot-luck, I put a lot of effort into crafting my own weapons and Armour.

Playstyle … mhm… chaotic PvE with some PvP deaths and a fortess siege every now and then. Oh and some Dredgion runs as well.

If you would have to name one thing that you love in Aion, what would that be?


Last but not least: When will you publish the next Pandaemoniumsbote?

Issue 29 was published on the 16th of July. Issue 30 will come out around gamescom. Who knows maybe I'll come around and bring some newspapers with me to Cologne.


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