Player of the Month — August 2011

Character Name: Lamorak
Israphel (NA)
Legion: Heavens Reapers

What led you to play Aion?
My wife and I originally played Guild Wars®, but we were looking for something different. A few of our friends were playing the beta version of Aion and told us how amazing it was. Once Aion was released, we checked it out and saw the amazing graphics and customizing options available in the game. I also liked that the characters looked like real people and not cartoons. The game play was great and the quests were fun. We were instantly attracted to the UI, the skill bar set-up, the animations, and the ability to really make your character your own. The many options and improvements in these areas far exceeded what we were used to in other games.

What are the main things you do in Aion?
I've been focused on the PvE aspects of the game for the most part, but I do enjoy the occasional PvP. In my opinion, Aion at its core offers a healthy mix of both, and has remained true to its original PvPvE concept. I enjoy Esoterrace, Udas, and Abyss fort runs with my Templar and am open to running just about any instance in the game. If I get tired of playing my Templar, I switch over to one of my alternate characters and do Fire Temple runs or lower level PvP when the rifting buff is not active. I also very much enjoy the crafting side of the game. The prospect of getting that proc'd item is exciting enough to keep me going.

How would you describe your playing style?
I would describe my playing style as casual. Lately, I have become more interested in PvP with my Templar and am slowly working towards getting my PvP accessories and armor. Because my job keeps me away from home quite a bit, it will likely take me a while to gear up and get the experience necessary to compete among all the great players we have on Israphel. But this is just another challenge of the game for me and it keeps me motivated to improve my game play. There is still so much content of Aion that I have not personally experienced. I'm looking forward to all that it has to offer.

If you would have to name one thing that you love in Aion, what would that be?
Without a doubt, no other MMO currently available offers both the incredibly detailed visual effects and fantastic game play that you find in Aion. The numerous ways players can customize their characters is amazing, as well. But most of all, the thing that keeps me playing Aion is the community. I've been lucky enough to have played with an amazing group of friends for the majority of my time in Aion. The camaraderie I've had with friends in different Legions makes the game that much more interesting and enjoyable.

Since you first subscribed in October, 2009, what changes or new content have you liked the most?
There have been so many changes over the time I have been playing that it's difficult to settle on just a few that I liked the most. The Assault on Balaurea™ expansion was great. It opened up a large number of new zones and instances for the community to explore and conquer, along with an increase in level cap and new gear to acquire. The addition of rewarding solo instances at different level ranges was great to see, as well, since it's not always possible to get a group whenever you want one. However, I would have to say that my favorite update was the graphics update. It really made the world of Aion come alive on your computer screen.


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