Legion of the Month — September 2011

Name: LeftBehind
Server: Zikel (NA)
Faction: Elyos
Brigade General: Sweeeety
Centurions: Skankz, Yzma, Malael, Vain, Custodia, Redpoppy, Ayelanna, Arrio, Akista, and Firewalker
Legion Created On: 04/09/2011
Legion Rank: 39

How did LeftBehind start?
I was in another Legion with some friends, and after most of the Legion moved on—including the BG— we were kind of left behind, so to speak. We decided we needed to make a new Legion so we could still hang together, and the name LeftBehind suited us!

What kind of players are LeftBehind members?
We have a close-knit Legion with very few rules, but the ones we do have are important for making sure the Legion runs smoothly, and we try to enforce them. Most important, we have a "no drama" policy. We play Aion to have fun, make friends, and kill Asmos . . . so please, no drama! LeftBehind players are helpful, considerate, loyal, and willing to go out of their way for others, inside the Legion and out.

How frequently do you have Legion raids or events?
We hold a fort (Miren) and defend it four days a week. We ask that all of our members attend at least two defenses a week, although most come to all four defenses. We love to run Legion alliance PvP, and we're working towards killing world bosses, specifically Padmarashka. Being able to run smoothly as a Legion is very important, so we practice as often as we can.

What makes LeftBehind different from other Legions?
What sets us apart from other Legions is the way we treat each other, in the Legion and out of it. We strive to make people who run with us feel like family or friends. We offer a home to players of all skill-sets, from beginners to elite players. We take the time to try to get to know everyone and be encouraging, helpful, and considerate. When we defend our fort, we offer medals to everyone who joins our defense alliances, regardless of whether they are Legioned with us or not. This makes our alliances very popular and spots fill fast.

We also have an amazing officer corps. I picked them based on their skill in working with others for the benefit of the Legion. All of my officers have a skill they are amazing at, from running the Legion webpage to dealing with drama. No good Legion can run without good officers, and I love mine.

What are your objectives as a Legion?
We want to be the best all-around Legion, to get stuff done and make new friends and have a good time while we are accomplishing it. Our objectives are PvPing, holding forts, mastering all the world bosses, and foremost, playing Aion and having fun!


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