Legion of the Month - August 2011

Name: Ascension
Server: Siel (NA)
Faction: Asmodian
Brigade General: Delanie
Centurions: Tizzay, Anboo, Dragonfang, Ken, Sinfullyloved, and Tararenee
Legion Created On: 09/21/2009
Legion Rank: 1

Why did you decide to play Aion?
I had only planned to play Aion for a short time, as a break from another MMO that I was playing. I enjoyed this game more, so I stuck with it and haven't looked back.

How was Ascension formed?
Ascension was formed in September 2009 by former Brigade General Chronicle with a group of friends from another game.

How would you describe Ascension?
We are a laid-back Legion concerned with endgame content.

How does Ascension differ from other Legions?
It's going to sound hokey, but our Legion is a family. We work together, we play together. Most of us talk more to each other several hours a day in and out of game. We argue, joke, and tell each other our problems and our hopes. I think we all honestly just enjoy spending time together. We also have one of the best officer teams around.

What is your favorite aspect of the game, and why?
I enjoy the community in the game. I've met wonderful people since I started playing and have created friendships that extend beyond the game. Or maybe it's the fashion. For me, it's a toss-up between the community and the clothes.

Are you still recruiting? If so, what kind of players are you looking for? Is there an Ascension mentality?
Yes, we are recruiting. We look for players at level 50+ who know their class, work on their gear, are always trying to become better players, and can fit in with the people in the Legion. Our Legion chat is lively and ranges from the very serious discussions to insane to naughty to just plain odd. But we always enjoy each other.

How frequently do you organize Legion raids?
We form for every Balaurea Defense and every Upper Abyss Vulnerability. There have been times when we've taken a break, but those times are few and far between. I have to thank Tizzay, my deputy, for all she does for Legion raids. Her advice and support make everything we do as a Legion possible.

Any specific objectives for the Legion?
A Legion that has no objectives or goals goes stagnant, in my opinion. I have very defined goals for Ascension, and we've already achieved some of those. We kill Rag regularly now, and our Legion met its ranking goal. I want our Legion to kill Padmarashka next, so we are farming keys, shining scrolls, and gearing our members for that. I'd like us to take down Omega, as well.

Which game update are you most excited about?
I think the weapons that might be available in 3.0 are exciting.

What process did you use to overtake Divine on Siel?
A lot of planning went into the Divine raid. Meetings about transforms and strategies went on for a couple of weeks beforehand and involved several Legions. Ascension members donated their time, mats, and kinah to craft 100 siege weapons, and I handed out weapons before the raid to anyone who asked for one. The faction worked together to make the raid happen. It was a great day to be an Asmodian!


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