January Community Address

Greetings Daevas,

A month has passed since our December address—a month that's been very eventful in many ways.

Throughout January, we have seen many players asking about when they can expect new content updates, when our account services will go live, and when we will host another double experience weekend. We posted earlier this week about when you can expect another double experience weekend. In the short term, we're hoping to hold these events once or twice each month.

In upcoming months, we will tell you more about our content plans for the year. We will be adding a substantial amount of new content and refining the content we have already. We believe that an MMO is not only a product, it's a service. It deserves constant care and improvement. In that spirit, we will also be spending more time mobilizing in-game events. We are planning to offer frequent such events, and we are currently planning them out and looking at how we can make them as enjoyable as possible.

Account services are well under way and the first will be implemented as early as February. The plastic surgery and gender change services are closest on the horizon.

Plastic surgery involves purchasing a Plastic Surgery Ticket as an account service. This Plastic Surgery Ticket allows a player a second chance to model a character. Using the ticket, a player can alter a character's hair shape, hair color, body style, face, eyes, and nearly anything you could customize in the physical character creation screen that you originally used in to make a character. These tickets will not be tradable and will not allow you to change gender, but they will offer you a fresh start should your character need to go underground (chased by the yakuza?) and completely change appearance. Visit your faction's Daeva of Appearance after you purchase a ticket to redeem it.

The gender change service is available through the purchase of a Gender Change Ticket. Gender change is a mystical and intricate procedure, and only certain NPC Daevas are able to perform this ritual. These Daevas of Life Transformation redeem Gender Change Tickets, and can be found in the somewhat shady quarters of Sanctum and Pandaemonium. Gender Change Tickets are also not tradable, and each ticket is only valid for a single character.

If you're one of our frequent website visitors, you've undoubtedly noticed that the site could be improved. We appreciate the feedback you have given about it, and we have noticed some things we'd like to change, too. We are looking into making some substantial improvements. We want our official forums to be a natural meeting place for discussion and socializing with others from the servers you play on, and we have decided to put them under a magnifying glass first to scrutinize, evaluate, and improve them. The forums will be going through significant changes over the next month or two, and we will also continue to look at feedback and implement updates concerning the overall website. We will let you know more as soon as our plans become firmer!

Fly High Daevas!

—The Aion Community Team


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