First Sematariux Kill in the West!

We interviewed Mortred, who lead the first victory against Sematariux, read below to find out more about the battle!

Which legions were involved? How many people total?

Many Legions were involved in this raid. We were more concerned about earning the first North American Sematariux kill than we were about forming an elitist group of only certain Legions. As long as people had a certain gear requirement, could understand English on Ventrilo, and were competent players, they were allowed to sign up for the raid, if their class wasn't full.

Why did you decide to organize a Sematariux raid?

It was mostly an idea that Lutecia and myself came up with. We thought Sematariux would provide a satisfying challenge, since it had not been killed in North America yet. Furthermore, while Israphel is widely known as the best PvP server in NA, we wanted to put it on the map for PvE accomplishments, as well.

How did you prepare? What were the biggest challenges you faced?

Preparing for Sematariux was time-consuming for sure. There are not any real full-fledged guides out there on Sematariux, and even if you knew exactly what to do, execution is still everything. Snooky, a French cleric player, assisted us greatly by translating a lot of information from a European server about their Sematariux kill. Getting 72+ keys was another challenge that, while easy in theory, was a bit more annoying in reality to overcome, especially since you can only hold one in your active inventory at a time. After that, it was just a matter of having the proper consumables and stigma builds for every class (we ran strict stigma setups for each class:

Can you describe the organization that this accomplishment required?

Obviously, it required all 72 players to be in Ventrilo together, which can be a challenge. It also required everyone to follow instructions exactly in things like cooldowns, assist targeting (main assist macro that all DPS needed to use), proper player movement in regards to handling adds and avoiding AoE's. Debuff management on the boss itself (especially debuffs such as Infernal Blight and Enfeebling Burst) was also crucial to success.

What is your next challenge?

Mastarius is the next big challenge. While it might be next to impossible to kill either Mastarius (Asmodian Gov boss) or Veille (Elyos Governor boss), it makes sense to take them on, considering they drop arguably the best loot in the game.


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