Eye on Community - May

Greetings Daevas,

In this pretty month of May, it's all about the 2.5! In this issue of Eye on Community, we'll tell you about—and show you—some of the exciting changes that arrive with the Aion® 2.5 update: the new mentor system, the fresh character customization options, and some amazing new trendy costumes.

This past month has been rich in activities and excitement. It started with the long-awaited reveal of the Aion 2.5 Empyrean Calling™ live date: May 25! To top that off, you had the chance to try 2.5 on the Public Test Server (PTS) starting May 12. For those of you who have tried 2.5, feel free to give us your feedback on the official forums. We're happy to know what you think.

As we are publishing, every single Aion player is enjoying the Daeva Palooza, which consists of a weeks-long buffet of events of all sorts to celebrate the new update. If all that isn't enough, we are also putting in place a faction incentive program. This program, which aims to swell the ranks of the underdog faction (currently, the Asmodians), will swing into place soon.

For all you fashionistas out there, the black and white dyes you were looking for are now available at the NCSOFT store until June 18. Pick them up and give yourself a new wardrobe for the spring!

Have fun, Daevas, and we'll see you in game!

Player of the Month

Player of the Month: Blackbeard of Vaizel
This month we're highlighting Blackbeard of Vaizel. Blackbeard has recently created and launched a new Aion fansite called He is also a strong part of the community here in Aion.

How did you get started in video gaming, and what led you to Aion?
I was never much of a console gamer, so when a friend invited me to try NCSOFT's City of Heroes back in 2004, I was a bit leery. I had no idea that an MMO put you in direct contact with thousands of other people playing the same game around you. As soon as I tried it, I was hooked! I played City of Heroes for five years (still do, occasionally) until my girlfriend told me about Aion. We were lucky to get into the closed beta, and that sealed the deal for us. I loved everything about Aion. From world PvP to gathering, I found every bit of the game enjoyable.

What do you like best about Aion?
That's a hard one. Only choosing one feature to best describe why I love Aion is difficult. But, if I had to choose one thing, I'd have to say the PvPvE content is amazing. When I play as Blackbeard, I tend to solo quite a bit. So, when I head into the Abyss or Balaurea for quests, I'm always on guard. I love the shot of adrenaline you get when, out of nowhere, an enemy pounces, and an all-out battle ensues. I've lost more battles than I've won, but each death drives me to better myself because I try to learn from my mistakes.

Can you tell us more about the Legion you're in?
My girlfriend and I founded Order of the Daevas in September of 2009. We just wanted a Legion where we could keep our alts. As time went on, I was able to coax many friends from City of Heroes over. I'm proud to say that they've all stayed. We still run daily events, but we like keeping the Legion small. The best part is that we know each other's playstyles so well. Years of teaming up in City of Heroes made us strong in certain situations because we feed off each other without really having to stop and make a game plan.

So with patch 2.5 coming very soon, what new content are you looking forward to and why?
There is so much I'm looking forward to in 2.5, but I'm really excited about the mentoring system. I love to play my main, Blackbeard, but my Legion tends to play multiple lower level alts. Now we can all play together regardless of our level. The best part is that while I help them get through tough quests and campaigns, I can earn myself tokens to purchase items I can use. Believe me, Blackbeard needs as much gear as he can get. He is a pirate, after all, and there's always room in his warehouse for more loot!

I'm also looking forward to the amount of new customization we can have for our characters. New character animations! New costume pieces! More and more ways to make characters unique is always a good thing. I have 15 other alts, and being able to make each one special is something that I've always wanted.

And don't get me started on pets! I've been saving up Kinah and reward tokens for months just so I can get more. Now my pets will reward me with special abilities when I interact with them! Insane!

We recently had a Meet and Greet in Boston. Did you enjoy yourself there? Can you share your experience with other players?
[Using a thick Boston accent] The Meet and Greet was wicked awesome! It was great to finally put faces to the names of players and Aion staff members. Seeing so many people gathered inside the Westin Hotel was amazing. Seeing them flip out when the trailer for Aion 2.5 played just reinforced that Aion is here to stay. Even people that weren't players of Aion gasped at the graphics update, as well as the combat scenes during the preview for the Empyrean Crucible. Many commented on giving Aion a try. It was a great time, and I'm glad I was able to be a part of it. And the free swag and open bar didn't hurt either!

You recently started a new fansite for Aion that looks great. Tell us more about it.
I started because I noticed that there was something lacking in the Aion community. Disgruntled players started to overshadow what people enjoyed by insulting players for actually being in love with the game. Players like myself had to sift through the ranting and raving, and often we'd get pushed aside or ignored because of the bullying mentality that began to plague many people. Instead of being calm and rational, they began insulting others and instigating, thinking that was the only way for their opinions to be heard.

I wanted to try to curb that behavior by starting I envisioned a place for the fans with cool heads to talk about their likes and dislikes without fear of being personally attacked for having a differing opinion. Yona said it best in our "Spotlight On" feature when she said that there is a living, breathing person behind every character. If you are bullying someone and you are trying to purposely ruin what that person loves, then what's the difference between that and being a schoolyard bully?

I hope that the players see as a haven where the bullies are not a threat and where you are free to enjoy everything about Aion in peaceful atmosphere. For the fans that are true, without all the QQ!

Empyrean Calling™ Pets

Empyrean Calling is not just about new instances, items, skills, and characters. We are also bringing exciting new pets and pet features to Aion.

Thirteen New Pets

You can acquire 13 new pets in Empyrean Calling through various means, including quests, daily quests, and as instance loot. We are sure you'll want to collect them all!

Two New Types of Pets

While you can acquire 13 different new pets, we are also adding two new kinds of pets to the existing companion, signal, fortune, pack, and purebred pets: buff pets and loot pets.

Buff pets hold consumables (food, drinks, and scrolls) and automatically apply them to keep your character constantly buffed. When an effect wears off, the pet automatically reapplies it.

Loot pets automatically loot defeated enemies on your behalf and add the loot to your character's inventory. Only items from nearby monsters (those within 28m) can be automatically looted, and untradeable items, items that you must roll for, and items that require other checks can't be automatically looted by this pet. When your character is in a group or alliance, your character's pet only loots items that entirely belong to your character, not items that other characters can obtain.

Buff pets and loot pets always notify you when they are buffing or looting an item for you by telling you "Looted!" or "Buffed the Master!"

Requested Convenience Changes
You will also be happy to hear that pets will no longer be dismissed when their owners use Return, Teleport, and Flight.

Pet Mood System
As explained in the April 2001 Eye on Community and in our Patch Notes, Empyrean Calling is also introducing a new pet mood system that allows your character to interact with your pets. Just as with real life pets, you'll want make sure that in-game pets are happy. To keep them happy, your character can play with them, snuggle them, and train them. You can acquire these different interactions or emotes through quests or purchase from the pet merchant. Using different pet mood emotes makes your pet happier to differing degrees. The happier, the better!

Aion Fashion Spotlight

Empyrean Calling™ introduces new fashions into the world of Atreia. Top designers are shedding the clunky feel of yesterday's armor for the whisper soft touch of outfits such as Sheer Envy and Gloved and Glamorous. Our on-the-street reporters spotted these new cosmopolitan designs sported by the heiress to the Angelic Frippery importing consortium, Saffron, and her socialite "bad boy" friend, Antonio. Get these new outfits at the Clothing Importer by trading in your Crucible Insignias.

Antonio and Saffron prepare for a late evening piano recital in the park.

The sharp cut of the Colorblock Citywear is perfect for Saffron's and Antonio's visit to a chic art gallery.

Antonio and Saffron believe that the Embellished Casual line offers a stylish look with the comfort of everyday apparel.

Gloved and Glamorous provides the perfect combination for dinner out on the town.

The Island Paradise outfit offers a look with exotic flavor to spruce up your everyday wardrobe.

Whether you are working the forge or working the bar, the One-Shoulder Special lets you stay in style.

The Red Vine Wrapper Outfit is the perfect active streetwear for an up-and-coming Daeva.

The Sheer Envy Outfit is perfect for a night dancing at the club.

Antonio and Saffron enjoy the classic good looks afforded with the Long-Sleeved Seduction outfit.

Empyrean Calling™: New Character Customization

Aion® has some of the most advanced character customization features of all the MMOs out there. Now you have even more options to make your character one-of-a-kind in the world of Atreia! Daevas will be delighted to hear that Aion® 2.5 Empyrean Calling™ brings you several exciting new character customization options. You can select from more diverse preset faces and body shapes. You can also make your character smile, brood, or frown!

Fashion lover Daevas, take note: You can also shop for more in-game luxury attire at the Galleria of Grandeur and Vanahal Boutique. You even have new option to purchase gift-wrapped attire.

You are going to be dressed to kill, Daevas!

Finally, a new you can now change a character's movement animations, selecting alternate animations of some movements. By using a special Motion Manual, you replace one animation with another.

Have you always wanted to move, jump, and run like a ninja or hover like a super-powered hero? Now is your chance!

Esoterrace Guide


  • Level: Level 50+
  • Group Size: Full groups (6 man)
  • Cooldown: 22 hours

The dungeon is designed for full groups and is accessed via a rift inside the factional fortresses of Gelkmaros and Inggison. Players will only be able to enter Esoterrace if their faction controls one or more of the Balaurean forts, so get out there and take the fight to the Asmos (or Elyos).

To give you a little teaser what kind of challenges are waiting for you we will spoil here the first Boss encounter:

Dalia Charlands:

Dalia Charlands is the first Named Monster of Esoterrace. Before engaging the boss, be sure to clear out the surrounding area of patrolling monsters.

Dalia is a fairly straightforward encounter, but watch out for Area of Effect attacks and the additional monsters that spawn.

The additional monsters will not target players, and will run straight to Dalia Charlands. If the monsters reach Dalia, they will heal it and provide it with a buff that increases the damage Dalia inflicts. Slay the additional monsters quick in order to avoid a very lengthy encounter!

(If the group opts to skip Dalia Charlands, then the rope controlled drawbridge behind the Named Monster will be accessible, allowing the group to move into the Laboratory Yard. Just remember, the group won't receive the loot from Dalia Charlands with this tactic!)

Interested in more? Feel free to use our detailed Esoterrace Guide/Walkthrough.

Artwork of Note

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but whether it's a painting or a screenshot retouched in Photoshop, members of our Aion community use their extensive talents to make beautiful things. This month, we're bringing you a selection of art from our EU forums and Facebook page.

Michael Ciporkin, a mysterious player of Aion

Cyoran from Suthran and the (nearly) clash of the Titans

Malkavael from Kromede:

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